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Still can't eat
It's been 9 months since having my teeth pulled and immediate dentutes put in. Top and bottom Been 3 months since getting my permanent ...
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DenSureFit?? Anyone
Has anyone tried this ? It's $49.95 a tube.. I am still desperate for help. Still struggling. I hate my denture I'm 13 months i...
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Im ready to give up.
Had all my teeth removed april 26th.  Im not even 50 years old yet. My temporaries havent fit right since the start. I went back to Affo...
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Update - Denturist
Ok. Here is my news... I seen the denturist. Yesterday morning. Took 2 sets of top dentures with me. It was actually a dental lab. I r...
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Almost 1 year into this misery of a top denture. 3 dentures, many chair relines, several lab relines, pastes, powders, pads, secure adhes...
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