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Honest opinions
How do these dentures look on me. I hate the poofyness on my top lip area. Why do they look poofy. Do I need to take them back in to make...
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New dentures and pain
4 days ago I had my last 4 front top teeth extracted 2 impacted eye teeth removed and bone smoothed over.  My immediate denture feels loo...
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Advice Please - malpractice?
I had 19 teeth pulled 4 weeks ago. I also had 2 tori bones removed, and was told I needed 3 bone grafts. Paid for everything, had the sur...
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Big day tuesday
Going Tuesday to get all my teeth pulled using local numbing. Getting my temps put in right after then getting the comfilytes denture. Ho...
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HELP sore spot
I am new to all this and could use some advice and others to talk to. Here is my story. I have had bad teeth for a very long time it got ...
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Better speech at night?
So today is my 8 day post op day. Already! Insane! Anyway... I've been taking my denture out over night since Sunday which would have be...
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