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Honest opinions
How do these dentures look on me. I hate the poofyness on my top lip area. Why do they look poofy. Do I need to take them back in to make...
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Denture broke and snapped!
So I was cleaning my lower denture and when I was drying it with a paper towel I heard a loud snap. I looked at my denture and it was cut...
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I want to start off by saying that I tried out SECURE denture adhesive and I love it. It lasts for about 18 hours and I can eat and drink...
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Received my Cushion lining
Took awhile to get in the mail. Almost 2 weeks,but it was expected, as the website states it takes 10 days. Comfort lining works just lik...
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In or out
I am using Fresh N Brite denture toothpaste. Would it be easier to brush them with them in or out of my mouth? If I take them out then I ...
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just tried poligrip powder
So I just bought a few things from the store and I got Poligrip Powder and also got poligrip strips.  I tried the strips and did not like...
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