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Ok about secure
Well I got my secure in the mail a few days ago. It seemed to work good the first time but after that the bottoms come loose when or righ...
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Denture broke and snapped!
So I was cleaning my lower denture and when I was drying it with a paper towel I heard a loud snap. I looked at my denture and it was cut...
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Can't keep dentures in
So glad to have found this forum. I had all my teeth (22) top and bottom removed with 2 implant posts on bottom 19 days ago. Although my ...
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Affordable Dentures
I recently visited a Affordable Denture facility to have my teeth replaced with dentures. The initial visit - consultation went smoothly ...
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Get Cushion Grip
We must all call Merck at 1-800-444-2080  !!!! Flood them with callsMerck bought Bayer who made Cushion grip.  Merck has the formula. Cal...
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