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Soft Reline
So I'm about a week and a half post extractions.  Dentures were feeling okay, lots of rubbing still and I'm not supposed to use adhesive ...
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When should I start using adhesives?
So e-date was 4/13, and even though I had a soft reline which helped with holding my dentures last week, I already find that they are loo...
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DenSureFit Update
I'm on day 16 or so with DenSureFit in both my Upper and Lower Denture. DenSureFit suggested I add a bit more product to my upper and it ...
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One week post extractions...
Well one week ago today I had all my teeth removed.  It's really been one of the hardest things emotionally I've ever been through.  Days...
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Adhesive advice needed
OK folks, had the two week checkup today and everything is healing well.  Doc doesnt want to do a reline just yet - he thinks its too soo...
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