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I've had both upper and lower dentures for 11 months and suffer with chronic chapped lips.  Anyone else had this problem?  Any solutions????
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stuck denture
I just got a new reline yesterday... had to wear for 24 they are stuck...I can pop the suction loose but they will not come o...
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bottom denture stuck
after 2 and a half weeks I used denture adhesive. Worked great., made an amazing positive difference. Problem here is I can't seem to get...
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Photo of Cary
Anxiety and Depression
Its been a week and a half and I am isolating myself and crying a lot over the loss of all of my upper teeth. I have called into work bec...
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Affordable Dentures
I recently visited a Affordable Denture facility to have my teeth replaced with dentures. The initial visit - consultation went smoothly ...
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Dentures Needed...Help
Hi...I'm in need of dentures but I'm not sure what the first step would be. Do I just make an appointment with a dentist for consultation...
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In or out
I am using Fresh N Brite denture toothpaste. Would it be easier to brush them with them in or out of my mouth? If I take them out then I ...
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