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Photo of Wanda Moye
I'm 57 years old and had 18 teeth extracted on October 27,2017 and had immediate dentures put in and I've had nothing but problems. I had...
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Photo of Annie Huff Hamilton
Secure Strips
I tried the secure Strips yesterday. Holy crap on a cracker! I put it in at 6:30 am and they did not come loose until 10:30 pm. Yes, PM!...
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Photo of Debi Hilley
Knobby gums
I am 4.5 months post extraction, 8 teeth, uppers only. I lost several others earlier in life. I have one spot that is taking forever to h...
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Photo of Nancy Ironside
Trouble with gums
It has been almost 2 years now since I got a full upper. It fits well enough but I still have trouble eating with it. I use a ton of adh...
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