Photo of Sharon C Hazelet-Torfs
I have had a denture for almost 2 years  numerous problems and issues.  And 3 different dentist  one dentist 26 impressions  crazy huh ??...
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Photo of Rose
Adhesive stuck in mouth
14 days after having all teeth extracted, doing good, not as painful as I thought it would be although I wish I could eat more of what I...
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Photo of Barbara Cornelius
I'm on Day 5 of having 4 front and 3 bottom Teeth pulled. Why am I still having Numbness under my upper lip? I rinse daily 4 or more time...
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Photo of judy swanson
Hi I'm new I don't know if I put to much goop on my top dentures or maybe I didn't even need it but I couldn't get them out last night st...
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