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Photo of Sam Dean
Allergic reaction
I have a full set for about 3 months now and I am having an issue with either the denture creme, Polident, or the polident soaking tabs. ...
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Photo of Carla Hale
Hello my name is Carla. I have just become a denture wearer. My dentist recommended Fixodent to me. An this took me awhile to figure ou...
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Photo of Rose
Adhesive stuck in mouth
14 days after having all teeth extracted, doing good, not as painful as I thought it would be although I wish I could eat more of what I...
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Photo of Mary Weidman
Bad tasting adhesive
I'm a relatively new denture wearer, I've had both upper and lower for about a month. I've run into a problem... I've tried 3 different t...
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