1 week with permanent dentures and my top teeth in front don't touch the bottom there is about 1/3 gap

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I have always had an underbite a small one! I recently 1 week ago for my permanent dentures after months with no teeth (ins didn't cover temps) and prior to that had mostlynmissing and cracked teeth! So with my permanents it's been hard to find my bite and I think I have found it but mynfront teeth don't connect when invite there is a gap! Can this be fixed I finback tomorrow for my follow up one week after receiving them, I have heard it takes time and teeth feel big and what have you but the teeth not touching bothers me! No matter how i bite it comes close but doesn't touch
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Posted 2 years ago

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Keep going back to the dentist until they get it right  or ask for a refund and go somewhere else ,
I am 2 years into a top denture and a bottom partial and i have somewhat of a bite ,still can't eat any meat  and a lot of other food oh well atleast i have no more pain from toothaches .

.I have had 26 impressions with 1 dentist  and  have been to 3 dentist . I did get my  money back on all the dentist that didn't get it right at all, only  to  reinvest in the one now that is somewhat better than the others. 2% of the people get perfect dentures the rest of us 98% suffer ..............In this day and age withe modern technology they should all get it right the first time.
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It took my dentist 3 times before I got dentures that fit properly. I went 6 months with NO teeth because of it, and I am due for my permanent denture in a few months, bet your ass I will not accept anything from them but perfection at this point, I dont get it, but it took 3 times and cost me $1800 out of pocket ughhhh