2 1/2 weeks post extractions and immediate dentures

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I really couldn't be happier with my immediate dentures! Once I started to use adhesive (Fixodent) I can eat sooooo much better than I have in YEARS! I can eat a cheeseburger without cutting it up, I have eaten chips and crackers.... All I can say is.... THANK GOD for adhesive!!! I haven't had any sore spots since my last visit a week ago either. On Saturday, I realized that the dentures are starting to feel natural now. I can smile a lot more now, and everyone notices that and tell me how beautiful I look now when I smile :)  This whole process has been fairly easy for me, and I wish everyone could have the same experience that I have had. Oh yeah, I'm also back to normal saliva flow in my mouth and my speech is back to normal! I am completely satisfied with my new smile :)
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  • Super happy and confident!

Posted 2 years ago

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How often do you apply the fixodent? Do you sleep in your dentures?
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My dentist told me to use it twice a day. And no, I don't sleep with them in
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Awesome to hear!
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Thanks for sharing your experience!
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I was told to sleep without my dentures in my mouth four days after extractions (last night was my first night). It felt weird and I had to have a washcloth nearby to deal with the odd drooling. Over salivating with and without dentures is a problem, but everyone says that stops when your body adjusts. So far, so good. Extraction sites are healing and I have a couple of sore spots. I had two adjusted and have developed a new one. Not horrible, just a little painful. We can do this! Right? 
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Your post gives me hope! I'm 9 days post extractions with immediates and while I haven't had much pain, it's been such an annoying process. I can't eat/chew, I'm drooling, and I feel like I look like I am using chiclets for teeth!