2 Days post extractions

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So I'm 2 days post extraction. Actually feeling great. Hardly any swelling and I think my speech really hasn't been affected except for a slight lisp. Went to dentist today and he said everything looks great. He didn't take denture out as he said the suction is still pretty good. He said by Saturday or Sunday I should be able to take it out to clean and then put it back in. How did you feel when you first took it out? I'm so scared of what the inside of my mouth will look like and what my face will look like on the outside. Is it easy to get back in??,??? Overall, my dentist was fantastic and went a lot smoother than I thought it would have!
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Glad all's going well! My dentist took mine out the next day, 24 hours later, and now I take it out each night. I have no trouble getting mine in and out.

I didn't look at my mouth for 2 weeks, I had some sores and was afraid I would think they were a bigger deal than the dentist made them out to be. Actually the dentist is the one that finally made me look.

It's not pretty without them in, I look like a shrunken apple face. I honestly don't like it not being in because I have a hard time talking and it just plain feels weird. But it's what it is and that's okay. I'm happy with my decision.
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Lots of us go through the "OMG I LOOK HORRIBLE WITHOUT MY DENTURES!" and "HOLY COW, IT LOOKS LIKE A BOMB WENT OFF IN MY MOUTH" stages.  Like everything else in this process, its going to get better.  It took me a couple weeks before I could bring myself to sleep without them in and another week or so after that before I could actually look at my gums without needing a pep talk and an antidepressant.

For the first few weeks, it was actually uncomfortable to have them out - something about the muscles in my face trying to hold it where it used to be, rather than letting it do its own thing.  I wouldn't take them out until I was ready to fall asleep and they went back in immediately after waking up.  Now, I'll typically take them out while I'm getting ready for bed and leave them out until I've had my first cup of coffee, at least on the weekends.

I'm a little past the 3 month mark and my gums are still kind of rough looking, but according to the dentist they're healing well so I try not to dwell on it.  I grew a big old bushman beard before I got my teeth yanked to cover what I thought was going to be exactly what Margaret says - the apple face.  The beard got shaved off a couple weeks ago :)
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I haven't looked at my gums yet. So scared of how they will look and how my face will look without them. My dentist told me post extraction to leave them in until they felt easy enough to pop out. I'm almost a week and thankfully they don't feel loose. I took them out yesterday but had a hard time getting them back in so not sure if I should have waited another day or two. Glad things are going well for you
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I have to admit, I cried when the dentist took my dentures out (48 hours after extractions) and made me look in the mirror. I looked like a little old lady. I had to remind myself that no one has to see me without my teeth except my husband who has been very supportive. I haven't let him see it yet, but he keeps telling me not to worry about it. We've talked about people having to deal with really serious issues, like losing one's eyesight, amputations, cancer and a teenager from our area who was paralyzed while playing high school hockey. By comparison, this is walk in the park.

I know there is a stigma with dentures. People assume you didn't take care of your teeth, but there are all kinds of reasons for dentures. I hate it, but I have to adjust to the "new normal." Millions of people have dentures and manage to live with it. We can too! I've looked at so many before and after photos. People look fabulous. My teeth didn't look that bad, but I was missing some on the sides after bridges broke and couldn't be fixed due to bone loss. Over time, surrounding teeth became loose. I'm trying to learn to smile again. I told people at work I was starting cosmetic restorations and most haven't asked for details. The nosey few who do get a glossed over explanation that doesn't include pulling all my teeth. No one needs to know that I have full dentures! I am grateful when I see people who probably can't afford to do anything about their dental issues. FYI - I'm going to the dental school at a University and have saved a lot of money. The process was much longer, but cost much less, which was a barrier for me after losing my business to the recession in 2010. Onward and upward people! It's been less than a week for me and I can already see progress! Sore spots? Yes. Learning to talk and eat? Yes! Try to stay positive! No more feeling self-conscience about smiling! My friends have been very supportive and even they don't know that I had all my teeth pulled. If you haven't been there, apparently that's not even on your radar, so most think I have new bridges and veneers to match. If the transformation is more obvious for you, don't sweat it! At least we're doing something about it!
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Today is my 2nd day post-extraction.  My dentist had me keep my partial in last night, but told me to take it out every night afterward.  I have the front six teeth remaining on top.  We haven't started work on the bottoms yet.

The first time I took it out was yesterday after eating.  She instructed me to take it out and rinse with salt water after every (soft) meal.  I was really anxious about it because my temporary partial does not (yet) fit well due to swelling.  So my dentist used Fixodent Plus on the part that goes on my palate, and it did NOT want to come out!  I was kind of scared that pulling it off with any force would cause my gums to bleed. 

My fears were unfounded, of course - and I am happy to say that my experience so far has echoed your own.  My swelling isn't horrible, my pain isn't horrible and I haven't dared to look closely at my gums.  Tonight is my first night to sleep without the partial and it feels really weird.

Did you get sutures in your extractions?  I asked for them as I'd had an extraction in the past that dry-socketed and I was so terrified of a multi-socket onset of that particular brand of pain.  I'm very happy that she was kind enough to grant my request of sutures!

I hope my partial starts to fit better soon - it's the only part of this experience that has been challenging.  Mine fits really poorly right now!