24 extracts, immediate dentures, five days !

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Five days ago, 24 extracts immediate temps, I rinse take my meds, couple sore spots from denture will be fixed tomorrow , we'll I took them out first time two nights ago hurts to put back in and feels better to talk and eat with them out, my question is there's really been no pain in my gums but woke this morn, and they feel swollen not sore just swollen in front, top mostly, is it from healing ? They do look like there healing well, still feel some numbness and pressure in face in places, I almost want to let it all heal without the dentures in !
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Posted 5 years ago

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Hi Kathryn. I had 16 teeth extracted 9 months ago and remember the same situations you are going through now. Just follow what your dentist says and trust me, the pain goes away and teeth begin to feel normal. Eating gets better too. There are days I fee better without my teeth in, but I do put them in everyday. Just remember time does heal. Good luck and keep smiling. :-)


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I am only 10 days into this adventure though I've only had them in my mouth 4 days. 12 extractions plus immediate full dentures.
#1 How to keep these foreign objects inside my mouth without them flopping around like wet fish?
#2 How to keep them in while attempting to speak??
When I have them in, I practice speaking by reading (everything I see) out loud. Very slowly and purposeful to attempt to enunciate correctly. This is seriously going to be a long process.
I eat without them, very soft foods. Pasta, cereal, etc.
It won't hurt to lose a few pounds anyway. :-)

GOOD THING I'M NOT VAIN... Since I have not perfected the art of speaking (even a little), I go out without them.
While at home, after eating, I put them in. WOW, what a learning process this will be. More like trial and error.
1st thing to master, how to keep these things in my mouth???
I was feeling pretty good with myself the first time. They felt secure, I thought? Untill I tried to speak. They started flopping around like a wet fish in my mouth. So I took to the internet hoping to learn a few tips. Which I have, mostly on how to remove... so far.
(I have been told, whatever you do, go easy on the adhesive).
I've already thrown that advice out the window. Put as much as you need to get the job done!!!
Meanwhile, I would appreciate any advice/tips that should come my way...
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Believe me it will get better it is all trial and error. I read a lot of posts on here and I have learned a lot. Eating is still tricky small bites, and try to chew evenly on both sides. It is not easy but it gets better. I have tried so many adhesives, I have found what works best for me is just learned this trick from another member 3 drops of gel on the top in front they are tight. And then I use powder all over the bottom, and then three drops of gel on top of that . They stay in. I wish you luck however it gets better.
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Hello Kathryn,

I'm on day 7. I had one day where I took the bottom out and it felt AMAZING! So I decided to sleep without it in for that one night. I then realized that not having that bottom in, caused me to get sores on the top. It's like they are balancing each other out. I don't get to go for my first adjustment until Tuesday, and I'm a little scared about it.

Other than that, I have also noticed that each day, I get about one more hour that they don't bother me as much than the day before. My oral surgeon told me to keep them in, even to sleep, until they become part of me. And since that one day of going against him and taking the bottom out, I trust his advice. It seems like the 5th day is the worst for some reason. I notice a lot of people post here on their 5th day, I was one of them!

Hang in there, this forum has helped me a lot, even when just sitting back and lurking at what others say. Or spending hours just reading past posts to feed off of the encouragement from this community. I wish I knew about it before my surgery,
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My upper lip, my nose, my sinus cavity and the tip of my tongue have been very slow to recover. It has been 3 weeks, and nose is fine; sinuses are tight (not clogged) in the morning, but improve as the morning progresses. But, upper lip is still swollen and numb as is the tip of my tongue.
At the end of week one, my lower plate was causing significant sores, so I kept it out until I could get in to have it filed down; nothing was said.
Hoping things begin to improve for you.
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Just had 7 teeth removed & upper plate put in.  I have been sleeping with them at night & trying to keep in the whole day with rinsing after eating. Since I am so swollen it is extremely hard to put dentures back in and they do not feel like they are sitting well. Also where the top meets under my lip feels rough and painful. Is there anything I can put on gums to help with this soreness other than ice? Not seeing dentist for another few days and all he tells me is that it is an adjustment.
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Orajel worked great for me
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Thank you :)
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Orajel make an alcohol free antiseptic rinse that might be good to try. kinda like a numbing mouthwash. Too bad I didn't find it till I didn't NEED it!
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Thank you :)