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Im 32 years old & have to finally stop avoiding the inevitable. I had perfect teeth (aside from crowding) until around 16 years old. Then it was all downhill from there. Genetics may have played a role (all women in my family had dentures by 40), but other factors sure had a whopping impact. Between chemo at 3 years old, extended steroids during that time, TMJ from intense bruxism since 3 years old, then being on medication that blocked absorption of calcium & vitamin D, & getting gum disease, my teeth have suffered tremendously. In my teens I had to get 4 teeth pulled & braces. Once that awkward phase was over I finally had 2 years with a confident smile. Then my teeth started rotting at the gumlines & from the inside, just crumbling, despite my deligent hygeine & dental checkups. So, here I am, faced with getting dentures.

Its far past cosmetic, self-conscious issues now & well into my life being on the line if I dont do something now. Its been near impossible to eat for years. Because of this I have dropped an extremely unhealthy amount of weight & am ashamed to even admit what I weigh now. But I'll just say that I have been accused of being everything from anorexic to a meth or heroine addict. None of which is the case.

Im terrified of going to the dentist in general im allergic to novocaine & lidocaine doesnt work on me, so all dental procedures Ive had to date have either been under sedation or feeling everything. For the times of sedation, it always had to be done in an ER with a full "crash team" ready. From my understanding this is because either my autoimmune disease (Im paralyzed from the waist down & in a wheelchair) will cause my nervous system to either go in hyer or hypo drive, or because of the weak state of my heart from the chemo. Or maybe both reasons. Either way, its never a simple, "standard" dental procedure.

Im also terrified of the possibility of face caving. Ive seen it in my mom & other family members after getting dentures. And despite of it being more of a vain concern, Im terrified of them not looking natural. I have been a complete hermit for the last 6 years because of my teeth & weight. But regardless, my health is my primary concern & if I wait any longer Ill just keep talking myself out of it.

Any advice, tips, recommendations or words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated. I feel in over my head & from what Ive observed, Im not too keen on taking the advice of those I personally know who have been through this.
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I don't know where you live but this entire thing
is a challange.  You would be very happy with implants
and at your age you should not have dentures.
of you have a dental university near you I would start with them
It sounds as if you need all your work done in a hospital setting
so I would certainly confer with them.  You are an unusal case and they robably would be interested in assiting you
Pleae let us know about your progress
Hoefuly you can afford implants and hopefully you would be a
candidate for implants.  
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Honey i I am so sorry you had go though what you have I too have gum disease and as a teen had braces now I have two partials. I to felt awful with bad teeth. My partials look just like real teeth I think going to a hospital would be best for you. You might have to eat soft food for awhile. Also use crest or act mouth wash for pain. I say go for it. It will take some time to get use to the dentures. It is for me I will be thinking of you
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Hi I'm 44 and had 24 teeth pulled yesterday. I'm Wearing temporary dentures now and can honestly say that after only 29 hours I'm not having as much pain as I expected. I know this is a huge step for you as was for me too. I had beautiful straight teeth but gum and bone loss left me little choice. I wish you the best of luck in your decision and would definitely say every individual has different experiences but don't let some folks negative experiences weigh your mind to heavily
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Consider implants especially for your lower denture.  Implants are usually very very comfortable.  Do your research and google all types of information on over dentures secured by implants
They are a money issue but if you can do it they are a wonder.
The Lower dentures are usually more of a problem then the  uppers so if you have to comprise consider the implants or 4 on
4 for the lower denture
Good luck
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Best wishes in whatever you decide to do Vanessa. I just want you to be healthy, no matter what!