32 yr old with full upper and lower plates, what to expect?

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I'm waiting to get my last fitting with the wax trays with the teeth attached, then the lab will prepare my permanent 3rd set of teeth(dentures). What am I to expect with full dentures; and any recommendations on cleaners and adhesives,
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Posted 5 years ago

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Number one you will love your smile. Expect just a little gagging from the top. Eat slow and crispy and crunchy foods don't bit, cut with knife. Pull fried chicken off bone don't bit. Cut corn off cob. EN JOY
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Lower set may come loose if you bite down 1 side more often then the other. Chew on both sides of mouth.
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Im 31 I just got my permanent set of teeth last Wednesday. I found that I talk much better with the new ones. My smile is a lot better than with the temporary. I was really amazed at how much easier it was to chew food as well. I've found also I don't have to use as much glue as I used to as well (first couple days I glued my lips to my teeth with the excesse) I don't really agree with the biting part Ive eaten bbq chicken and hamburgers with no problems and beef jerky with little problems. Hope it works out for you. I've been very blessed as in have had very little problems adjusting and no pain with any of my teeth but my bosses wife is the lab tech that made my teeth.
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Thanks for the input, I healed up pretty fast, and the impression trays were very, very snug to come out, so I'm hopeful, and maybe down the line I'll be able to save up to get implants....thanks again
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I really enjoyed the success story of Alvin Lewis. I read so many "bad news" items I tend to forget that I too had a successful time getting my dentures (upper and lower)
created and inserted as well.

Thanks for your comments.

Darrell Colon
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I got my dentures one week ago at A&M Dental College in Dallas.  It was 1/4 the cost at local dentist office.  In fall will go back for the implants..est'd cost there is $2800.

They extracted 22 teeth then six weeks later made the teeth.  I felt like I got some oral surgery work done during the process which would have cost more $$$$ at the dentist office.

Pain?  Took the Lortab for two days, kept the packing in til bleeding stopped (three days) but minimal pain.  And don't forget the Rx for antibiotic..you take a loading dose before extractions.

Learned to love soups.

I hated having no lips more then having no teeth.  Followed the rules to the letter. NO rinsing with salt water or mouth washes til sockets healed, no sucking thru straws, no hot foods. 

It was a long time with no teeth and all caved in face but the results are that my dentures fit great and so far after 5 days no sore spots. 

I can't say enough about the wonderful care I got from my student dentist and his team.  Wish I had known about this school long ago.

They do invisible braces on children and their dental techs I am told do very good work cleaning teeth (I won't need that service.)

Problem?  I hate the Poligrip stuff..can't get it out of mouth.  Bought a 3 pack of Fixodent today at Sam's Club and hoping it does better.

Got some tips on how to manage it on this site.
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I'm 33 and I am 2 months in. I'm healing great and I love using Secure adhesive. Stays in for 12 hours. Maybe even longer. I also use fixodent with scope. Watch my YouTube videos. Under Lynndsey ann Chavera channel. Thanks