3 days in and doing pretty good!

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I am a 36 yo that has always had problems with my teeth, which led to problems with dentists, and the cycle continued until I had multiple teeth breaking at the gum, a front tooth was the nail in the coffin for me! I finally found a dentist that really made me feel at ease and about a month ago I had all my top molars pulled. This past Monday I had the rest of the top pulled and got my immediate. I didn't get a dry socket with the molars, and am hoping I wont get one with the fronts (I also avoided them when I had my wisdom teeth pulled years ago, thank god!). Went back yesterday for a check of the extraction sites and a refit of the immediate and it felt very good today! Not perfect, but I wouldn't expect that this early anyway.
I was so anxious to eat something other than mashed potatoes/applesauce/eggs that i tried mac and cheese (home made, big elbow noodles) and I probably shouldn't have. (I have no bottom molars, planning on getting a lower partial later next year) When I took my immediate out for cleaning after I ate it was bloody. Guess I'll stick to soft stuff for a little bit longer. Is it normal for my extraction sites to look blackish even after rinsing? I have to keep telling myself to keep my tongue out of them and not to touch them. I only kept them out an hour tonight anyway, I just don't feel comfortable with them not in.
I got me some ensures to drink since I haven't eaten any meat in a couple days.I learned I will need to get me some chapstick because my lips are real dry! I am trying to stay optimistic...at least I can smile without someone thinking I am a meth head now. I have never had straight teeth so it is taking some getting used to seeing myself in the mirror lol
Anyway- found this place and thought I would share my story with people who would understand. Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope to contribute more here as time goes on!
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Thanks for sharing your experience, AmyKay.  I'm glad to hear you found a dentist you're comfortable with.  If you have any concerns at all about your extraction sites or the progress of your healing, don't hesitate to contact your dentist.  Your dentist can advise you based on your situation.  I bet your new smile is beautiful!

I'd like to send you a small package to help as you adjust to your new teeth.  Please send an email to smhc.im@pg.com with your name & address, and mention our conversation on DentureLiving, and I'll get it on its way.

Best of luck to you!
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So confy takes all the pain away and it wont stick to wounds
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Joanne, do they show you your complete dentures before pulling your teeth and putting them in