A cautionary tale....It was past time for my hard liner to be put in....

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It was time or past time for my permanent dentures (top and bottom), I have been so happy with my results. (I had developed severe dental anxiety after a bad visit. It became a nightmare, and my teeth were going bad one by one.) So, I made my appointment for my hard liner and then something terrible happened: my damn dog got hold of my bottom denture that I had put on my nightstand (I dozed off, not intending to). This same dog has gotten my husbands dentures 3 different times, LOL! Apparently, this is not a unique occurrence! So, I’ve been without bottom teeth for 2 weeks ( my dentist’s sister makes the dentures and their mom had passed away in the middle of all this). I DEFINITELY appreciate them, even more now, even though my bottoms aren’t as well fitted as my tops. They always move around after eating, drinking and the adhesive has worn off, but it didn’t bother me that much.

I could’ve strangled our dog, but bless his heart, he’s been patiently waiting for one of us to screw up so he could get his mouth on dentures again. The dental technician said it happens quite a bit. So, everyone please keep in mind, if you have fur babies, they can and will make a chew toy out of your teeth!!
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