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First of all I have to say a huge Thank You to all the wonderful denture wearers that recommended Cushion Grip in the messages on here. I am 8 days into my new upper denture adventure after having 12 teeth pulled. I went with the immediate dentures as so many do these days and have been miserable. First I wore mine for the required 24hrs and then had to go back to the dentist because I had gotten an infection in the sinus cavity/tooth root and was in horrible pain. I was not able to wear the dentures for several days due to the extreme pain from this infection. When I did finally put them back in my gums had shrunk tremendously and they were super loose. My main problem though was that one side felt fine and the other was going up way too high into my gum. It literally feels like it is sitting on or rubbing some type of bone in there. I could put the dentures in but every time I swallowed it would suction them down and I would nearly cry from the pain on the bad side. I am unsure if this is still some localized swelling from the extraction/infection so I have not gone in for a second adjustment. I am nearly through with all of my antibiotics but I still seem to have a lot of soreness in the sinus cavity. Has anyone dealt with an infection into the sinus cavity from a root and how long did it take for it to feel normal again? If I scrunch my nose I still have a lot of pain/soreness all the way from the gum up to the area next to my nose(it was the eyetooth that caused the problem). My next question is now using the Cushion Grip the dentures are not on that bone/sore spot digging into my gum and 100% better, does this mean that the denture is still probably to tall for my gum line? The dentist cut it down last time I was in but it is still taller than my comfortable side.

I nearly cried today when I applied the Cushion Grip to the dentures and then put them back in and had little to no pain. This is the most pain free I have been since this ordeal started. I told my husband if I had to buy a tube of this stuff every week it would be worth the money....lol But hopefully I get several uses out of one tube and will only have to buy one a month until I get my permanent dentures. BTW I will be going back in for an adjustment soon but until then Cushion Grip ROCKS!!
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I'm so sorry to hear about the pain you're in, Stacey, but I'm glad that the community has been helpful for you! I believe I've seen a couple comments on previous posts about sinus infections or bacteria getting into the sinus area for new denture wearers. You can browse the related threads here: http://community.dentureliving.com/dentureliving/searches?query=sinus+infection&x=0&y=0&style=topics

Some dentists can prescribe a special rinse to help with the infections. I'd try calling your dentist as soon as you can since I don't want you to be in too much pain! Hopefully this can help with the swelling so you can get another adjustment to be a bit more comfortable.

Please keep us posted on how you're doing!
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Hi Stacey .... I'm ''Dee'' ... I have been an avid advertiser for ''CUSHION GRIP'' on this site... I purchased 4 tubes from ''Amazon.com'' and only one tube from CVS Pharmacy... It's a whole lot ''cheaper'' from Amazon... I used it regularly for 5 months, before I got impressions for my permanent dentures.. For me, it was a 'Life-Saver'' ...I watched several youtube videos first, then off to CVS!! If I had any sore spots, I made it a little thicker here & there .. Cushion Grip is the ''exact impression'' of your gums, and is more like a ''soft reline''...It lasts for 4-7 days and you can apply Fixodent over it too since your gums are still SHRINKING by the minute, you will notice after a few days Fixodent may be needed until you re-apply Cushion Grip again.. It does sound like one side of your denture is too high for your gums .. If the dentist can't fix it in his office, you may have to INSIST that they remake the entire upper denture.. There is NO reason to be miserable during this process, and dentures are NOT cheap by any stretch of the imagination...We have to wear them for several months, so be COMFORTABLE...My dentist had never heard of Cushion Grip before me, now she recommends it to all her new denture wearers...She's always amazed at how I figured out how to be comfortable in short time... I always have ''TRUSTED'' her for all these months...We have a ''History'' now, and she knows I'm not the ''Complainer'', so when I'm uncomfortable, they'll always see me even if I was just there the day before...I'm in my permanent dentures since last October, however I did have some sore spots, but she made all the adjustments right away...The Permanent dentures are FORM FITTING and a lot thinner than the temporary dentures.. After your gums are healed enough, impressions are taken again...It may take another 2-3 weeks before you walk out of the dentists office with the permanent denture..It's well worth the wait tho... I'm so glad that you're not in anymore pain either .. It IS a process, so patience is necessary, but you don't need to be in pain either...

I also suffered from a ''Sinus Infection'', however it didn't really pose any concern until February, this year... I mentioned to my Dentist about a month after my extractions that I could smell an occassional ''faint'' rancit smell when I'd bend over.. She said to see my Physician.. So, I saw my physician, told her of the rancit smell and how my right nostril has been so ''congested'' since my extractions .. So, my physician said it sounded more like ''allergies'' & gave me a nasal spray for allergies...Mind you, I had my extractions in April 2013, however in February 2014, I took my upper denture out after a strange ''taste'' in my mouth and noticed some pus, in the right rear of my upper denture...I phoned my dentist the following business day.. My ''Regular'' dentist was on a Family Leave, so I saw a substitute, and told him of this which occurred mostly after drinking hot coffee... He examined & massaged my gums, but saw nothing... Well, this lasted every morning for a week, so I went back and saw the same dentist...I practically begged him for Antibiotics,which he gave me... After 10 days of Pen VK, still NO change... Finally my regular dentist was back from her leave, so I saw her that day.. She saw ''a very small'' opening in my gum so she had me do an ''X-ray''...When she reviewed the x-ray minutes later, she said ''I want you to see the Periodontist''... OK by me, anthing to stop the ''oozing'' into my denture .... WELL, I saw the Periodontist 5 days later, at 8:00 a.m., she examined the area and said, 'I'm going to give you prescriptions to fill today, and I need you to come back later this afternoon'' ...So, I had ''gum surgery'' that afternoon, and 2 hrs. in the chair, TOTALLY NUMB!! She had to open the gum area, clean out my sinus cavity and stitch LOTS of stitches,.. some desolving and other's stay in until April 14th... I don't know if this was a result of a ''root'' or a puncture into my sinus cavity during the extractions, but either way, I'm ON THE MEND... Thank Heavens!! For a couple days after the Gum Surgery, I looked like I was a Victim of the ''Knock-Out Game'', looking like a chipmunk and bruises on my lower chin...Ice packs came in very handy as well as extra-strength antibiotics and medicated mouth rinse... By the 3rd day I saw my regular dentist, and again 2 weeks later ... All is healing well... I was back on ''Soft Foods'' for 2 weeks and lost a couple pounds... What a way to lose weight!!!!!!! My Gum surgery was on March 10th! I suppose the healing process depends on what is done during your first few weeks.. I think if my sinus infection would have been addressed earlier, I doubt I would have needed gum surgy... But, that is LIFE .. So, I just ''roll with the punches'' and go on...

Good Luck to you Stacey and I hope all goes well with you ... Oh, BTW, if you have numbness underneath your nose, that because some nerves were disrupted during the extraction process... they will grow back & feel normal again!! Keep your UPDATES coming too... We're here to help you during this process ...All the folks here are very kind and helpful to everyone... Take Care Stacey!!