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I've had upper dentures for 30 yrs and just had teeth extracted on bottom and full dentures put in. The lower dentures are very uncomfortable and have a slope that goes under my tongue and make it very difficult to eat. The dentist told me it would help stop food particles from going under the plate but I hate it. when I try to eat I can't feel anything and I am terrified that I am not chewing the food enough and will choke. Also very upset that this will never feel normal and I will never be able to eat normally again! The lower dentures when out of my mouth are very crooked looking and when I have them in they don't line up with my upper dentures! Not sure what the lower ones should look like but I feel they should fit better and not slope down under my tongue because whenever my tongue moves it pops the dentures up even when I use poli grip powder to hold them in. I really feel I need to tell my dentist I need new ones she said these are temporary ones for six months but don't see this getting any better. Someone please help what should the lower (full) dentures look like?
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Hi there, sorry to hear about the trouble you are having adjusting to your bottom dentures. I’ve heard that it can take 4-5 times longer to adjust to the bottom denture than the top—mainly because there is so much less surface area for the denture to rest on, and therefore less suction to keep it in place. Over time, the muscles of your mouth will learn to hold the denture in place. It takes a lot of practice though! As far as the fear of choking, many people solve this by precutting their food into smaller pieces, so they feel confident that even if they can’t chew well, they won’t choke.

If this is a temporary denture like your dentist said, it may be that the permanent denture you receive will solve many of these problems, including the slope under your tongue. In the meanwhile though, you may be able to get a liner or the bottom denture shortened a little so it doesn’t go under your tongue so far. Of course, the dentist is the person who will be able to tell you for sure about making adjustments to the denture.

I realize this is not necessarily great news, but hopefully it makes you feel better to know the bottom dentures are often troublesome. Thanks for sharing your concerns, and be sure to check out some of the “bottom denture” threads by searching this forum. They may have even more suggestions for you, and there are plenty of success stories of people overcoming bottom denture issues. All the best!