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Has anyone experienced an allergic reaction to the material/s that their dentures were constructed with? Symptoms might include: itchy/burning roof of mouth, sores on gums, infections (fungal/bacterial) on tongue, and a very salty but sour-like taste upon removal that causes frequent swallowing which tastes like plastic (acrylic)?
If so, has anyone actually been evaluated by an allergist with their dentures to see if such an allergy exists? My prosthodontist says it is highly unlikely, but no one know their body like themself.
Any and all input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

(from Brend)
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Hey, whatever happened to you?  I have had my dentures for 4 weeks and 3 days.  I have the burning taste and the saliva even burns going down my throat.  I have a dry mouth most of the time.  I have had ann ulcer on every spot I had an injection for the extractions.  I have tried 2 kinds of Fixodent and they both seem  the same as far as the taste or burning feeling.  Would like to know what happened with you if you are still on this site. Thanks.   
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I used Fixodent for new dentures which were loose. I used very minimum quantity, twice. My gums became intolerably sore.... This is serious as I am diabetic. Hard to know who to consult first ! Denture man, dentist, doctor ?
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I have the burning all thought my mouth. My dentist looked at me like I was from some other planets when I told him. My mouth feels like I have chemical burns. His answer is take 50 mg. of benadryl 4 times a day. I did read an article about burning mouth and dentures. The dentist that wrote the article said it's the coloring to make them pink. All i know for sure is I put them in my mouth and within 5 minutes the burning starts my lips are now swallen along with the rest of my mouth.
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The only way to know for certain is to get tested.
I'm surprised more Dentists aren't better informed on the issue.
You wouldn't be the first one on here with a Denture Allergy.
Use the search box and you'll find a number of folks in the same boat.
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I got laid out in the front yard from the chemicals in the soft reline. 
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I noticed from the day my upper teeth were pulled and they put the temporary upper plate in my mouth on how much it burned.  After the initial period of wearing them for 24 hours and I took them out, I couldn't get them back in.  My mouth was so sore, not only from the swelling from having my teeth pulled, I had sores from the burning in my mouth.  I have had relinings done and everytime I put my plate in, the moment it hits my gums, roof of my mouth and tongue the burning starts.  I remembered something else did that same thing, albeit years before.  The flute instruments called a "Recorder", whatever material they were made from, the moment it touched my lips, they would start blistering and swelling, not even counting the burning.  It hadn't happened in so long, I had forgotten about it, but I knew the feeling I was getting from my dentures was familiar, until I remembered the recorders.
My dentist has sent my plate in for another set to be made in a different material.  I read in an article, from a dentist in Manitoba, Canada, where one of his patients had to have her plates made in clear plastic.  She was allergic to the pink coloring on the dentures.  It's only a suggestion to check that out.  I'm going to suggest it to my dentist for my upper plate to be made in clear plastic instead.  If it works, then my permanent denture will be made the same.  Question for those who have the burning?  Are you also allergic to nickle or metal?  If you dentures have metal in them, or a partial, that could also be part of the problem.  I do have a partial, but I'm not allergic to the metal.  So we will see.
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I have CFS/ME for 2 decades; upon hearing my diagnosis, I had about 12 teeth with root canals removed; reason being that I did not wanted any metal left..
I had a bridge made of a material which I read was non irritating (clear)... well the burning was terrible for a few years. I then had another one made of a different material (also clear), again, the burning throughout was unbearable...I then had a third one made with the "normal" red pigmentation, and again, I cannot wear it; burning and sore throat and it goes into my very frustrated..
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I truly sympathise. I am in a not dissimilar position. Have you tried Visiclear? (the clear version of Duraflex) Or Sunflex? I have used both of those with reasonable success. Other dentures make my throat swell up (helpful!)  I am also not a great candidate for implants so am a bit stuck - at quite a young age as well. Best wishes to you.
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I am experiencing a horrible salty taste in my mouth since I got my dentures one month ago. I use fixodent free. I have tried others and still have this horrid taste on my tongue
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I am experiencing a horrible salty taste in my mouth since I got my dentures one month ago. I use fixodent free. I have tried others and still have this horrid taste on my tongue