Almost 2 weeks with having dentures and I have a question!

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Friday will make 2 weeks since having my upper dentures in. Same day I had 8 top teeth pulled. My dentures are somewhat lose one day the next very lose. My dentist says he doesn't want to adjust them until in two months in because of the gums changing. My question is this- currently I use adhesive cream just on the top of the dentures. When can I use it around the gum area?
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Posted 3 years ago

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I waited until week three per my dentist request. At two weeks the gums aren't quite healed and glue stuck in the pockets can cause infection.
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Yup I have heard the powder is easier.  Never used.
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I waited about 2 weeks until I got the dentist's OK before I used glue anywhere but the roof of my mouth.  If you use it too early, you run the risk of pulling scabs off with the denture as well.  When you finally get to use it everywhere, it'll be like Christmas - you're gonna be surprised at how much function you get back.

I tried using powder only, but I found it a little tougher to get where I wanted it.  Switched to Secure and loving it, but I will occasionly use a light coat of powder over the Secure on my lower if I know I'm going to have a long day or eat a tougher meal.

Dont stress too much about waiting for the reline.  I just got my first one done at 3 months and other than using a bit more glue towards the end of it, I didnt notice any real issues.
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I used powder for a while when I first got mine but now I use secure and it holds well for me. Usually lasts up to 12 hours.
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Try going with the powder. Go back in and ask for a soft reline... NOW. Not 2 months from now, NOW.  There is no reason you should suffer with loose, sloppy fitting dentures.  My Dentist placed my first at day 7. I'm upper only. You can not learn to use/ chew if they don't fit.  You should get adjustments when YOU feel you need them.    Not at his "This is how we are doing it."   In 2 months you won't want to wear it.
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I second that.  Relines are not something done on some predetermined schedule.
Get them when you NEED them and it sounds like you're ready.
Many of us do our own relines as well. 
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I waited three weeks before I use any kind of denture glue per my dentist office approved.

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Any referral for a good dentist. I’m looking to replace my upper dentures and I’m needing to get the done before 12/31/19
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I’m in Macon GA
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Have no personal experience with these dentists. However, you in GA do have quite a number of FOY/Fountain of Youth dentures dentists. That would be my personal preference.
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Hi I had to wait 2years for dentures as none helped the pain was so bad however I now have them I've had them for maybe 6months and they have started to hurt wit I found putting cotton clothes in them thin layer helped alot I've no had pain since you have to keep going. My hubby got his out sane day he still no had teeth in due to pain but he healed well I think he a big bear to afraid to put them in. Good luck