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Today was the day! I was all the things, nervous, apprehensive, terrified. I had planned for every undignifying thing I could think of. I remember a few things of the procedure, but not being afraid of what they were doing. I remembered nothing of the ride home, only that my driver told me that it would be about 25 minutes wait for my prescriptions. I remember nothing of how they got me upstairs to recuperate, only that I was given a couple ice bags.
I woke up 3 hours later, fully awake, aware and in an insignificant amount of pain. No swelling, no bruising. I could talk to people. My mom called and said only my S's sounded a little funny. And coup de grace??? My teeth look amazing!!!
I'm certain I owe a lot to the professionals, but I also attribute some success to some guided imagery and pre-surgery hypnosis CD's I got. It calmed me and focused my body energies to assist in the healing rather than fight it. For what should have been a terrifying ordeal, was a walk in the park. I am happy with the fact that this had to be done. I'm looking forward to a healthier future.
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We are so happy to hear about your amazingly positive experience. It is nice to have posts like yours to help all of us know that it can be a good experience and not necessarily a terrible one. Thanks! ~RosieĀ