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I'm a relatively new denture wearer, I've had both upper and lower for about a month. I've run into a problem... I've tried 3 different types of fixodent and have ended up with a nasty metallic/ chemical taste in every instance, including fixodent free. I'm tired of spending money on products that I use a few times and can't stand to use again ! Help !
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi, I went through that also.  I was able to use Polident Super Strong.  The fixodent made my mouth burn after a few hours of wearing it.  The fixodent powder is not so bad either.  
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The metallic taste is the zinc in the denture adhesive.  I use Secure denture adhesive..which is zinc can google it..drawback is you can only purchase it online.  But I love holds for up to 12 hours if you do not eat or drink hot things..then the top will hold but the bottom will come loose...but I rinse and re-apply and is good for the rest of the day..It is a little more expensive than the regular adhesive..but I believe it is well worth will use less as time goes on...They have sensitive or regular but all is zinc free. I find the regular works fine for me..Hope this helps!!
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I don’t like that stuff either but super Poligrip end up working for me I put it on pretty good and it last the entire day for me
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Mary, had the same issue. Quit Fixodent altogether. I'm with the Poligrip group. Poligrip Super has no taste for me. It does get gummy and clumpy when I remove the dentures, but brushing the gums and gargling with salt water gets it all out. I have read that Fixodent (with zinc) can cause health problems after prolonged use, so I stay away from it now. There are off brand adhesive gels and I have tried those too and they work alright. But for the money (personally) Poligrip Super does the best for me and is without the bad taste.
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Buy the Zinc Free it
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Thanks ! I love my new dentures, and fixodent products provide great hold... just can't stand the taste
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I like to rotate...sometimes I use Fixodent Scope flavor zinc free adhesive. Sometimes I use SeaBond zinc free adhesive and sometimes I use the SeaBond sheets. 
I've tried PoliGrip but it's the most difficult to remove.

The SeaBond sheets hold very well, yet are very easy to remove...some miracle of chemistry I guess. The only drawback is you may have to trim each sheet to fit, depending on the size and shape of your dentures. But after awhile you already know how much to trim and then it's easy.

SeaBond adhesive is new, I think. It's formulated to work with your natural saliva for a strong hold, yet, easily cleans off with water. Ain't chemistry something LOL

Glad you like your new choppers, not everyone adjusts so well. :)
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Try Olivafix Gold from myswisscare, it has a neutral taste.
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