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On March 11, 2013, I got all my top teeth removed and immediate dentures placed the same day. I was surprised at how much my mouth actually DID NOT hurt. Even my dentist was surprised with how well I was talking and feeling later that day. Two days later, I started having a really bad taste in my mouth. When I took my dentures out to rinse my mouth with salt water, I noticed a horrendous smell that made me gag. Over the past few days, the smell and taste has gotten progressively worse. I constantly taste this nasty taste, even when my dentures are in my mouth and I can even smell the nasty smell. Four days after I had my teeth removed is when the pain started to set in. Especially at night. I wake up in excruciating pain multiple times throughout the night. When I take the dentures out to rinse, putting them back in brings me to tears. I know some pain is normal, but the amount of pain I am having does not seem normal. Plus, the smell and taste do not seem normal either. My gums have also turned white in some areas.
I have had very minimal bleeding since I got my teeth pulled, but today, six days after, my mouth just started pouring blood. I could not even keep up with the amount of blood that was coming out. After an hour, the bleeding finally subsided, but the smell, taste, and extreme pain are still constant. Of course, my dentist is out of town until Tuesday next week. Does anyone have any clue what might be going on or what I could do to help the smell and taste? I am doing the salt water rinses religiously, but they do not seem to be very effective. I was also placed on an antibiotic the day all the teeth were removed and finished the antibiotic yesterday. Please help!
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I had minr done too on saturday its now going on tuesday i have a follow up in the am ,same things goingbon with me and 3 sore spots where the dentures rubbing into the top of the edges of both sides and bsck ob the end of the dentures sore oozing nasty taste snd smell and im on pain killer that don't work and antibiotics ,i talk to a friend she aaid they need sdjsted its only day 3 going on 4 and everyone ssys 4 and 5 are the worst days oh boy not looking forward to no more pain .i rinse 3 to 4 times after meals and no help i brush bottom s and tongue but no help hope we figure this out soon.
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I wouldn't put essential oil on my gums if I were you! Why not try Organic Ground Cloves mixed with warm Salted water and gargle with that. Please let us know how everything turned out. I hope you are feeling better.
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get some pure essential clove oil it may burn a little but it will help with the pain and any infection you may have. I had an infection under a bridge   couldn't get to see a dentist I was in awful pain I used the oil until I saw my dentist she said what I did was wise because of it helped
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This smell && taste is unbearable someone help!!!