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Does anyone else hate the way your new teeth look. They never asked me what I wanted except color and I hate how they look. The bottoms are fine, the top slant slightly ? kind of look like beaver teeth.
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Jacqueline Dana

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Posted 6 years ago

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I'm sorry to hear that, Jacqueline! Has the look gotten any better to you? As your gums heal and change, there's a chance that your new teeth might look a little different on your face. I would definitely talk to your dentist if you're unhappy with how they turned out.
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Jacqueline Dana

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Now they look like beaver teeth on a monkey face. They have pushed out the top of lip, the area between the lip and nose over the 1/2 an inch and the bottom below my lip the same amount. They have what they call (affordable dentures in Shreveport, La.) I'm not supposed to have the good dentures for another 5 months.
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Were you able to have a mold impression of your front teeth done? This is my big fear. I have smaller teeth and I'm afraid I'm going to become a billy goat or a nut cracker lol. I do hope they fix them for you or file them to your liking. Best of luck to you
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Jacqueline, i would go back to the dentist and have them done over. It's bad enough that the reason you extracted your reminding teeth was to get and have a beautiful smile and now that you have to wear dentures I'm sure you want natural perfect straight teeth. That's what I'm going for. Good Luck!!!!
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Hello All first time writing but not reading, I too went thru what most go thru with new dentures I am now feeling more comfortable even though without the paste I cannot wear them. I must use a lot of paste all around ( top only) or they fall out . My Maine problem is how they look ,ugly . I am so unhappy with how they look, no caricature, no definition I had nice eye teeth not now I look like I'm wearing dentures to me they look like wooden teeth. I don't know what I can do about it .I did not get temps only permanent. So much for me, I wish you all good luck & health.
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I just got a new top denture and it’s slanted too!! I was told by them and family “ oh no, they look good!” But I’m just going to go tell them they look slanted and no one else I know have to have slanted teeth!
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I had my top partials and bottom denture about two months ago and they looks so real that you can hardly noticed. My bottom dentures are temporary I'm hoping that the final ones
looks as good as the temporary. I'm very pleased with the work they did.
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Can you please attach images