Bottom denture not fitting. Need advice!

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My name is Jordan and I am having some trouble and having trouble figuring out where to turn.
I had the remainder of my teeth (24 teeth) extracted on January 22nd.
I had immediate dentures the same day. They were uncomfortable and bulky from the beginning. But I was told they would not be perfect, especially at first since they are made big to accommodate for swelling. So I let it go for awhile. The first week the lower denture started getting really uncomfortable, causing excruciating sore spots and was making my bottom lip protrude to the point of people started actually saying I looked like I had a hockey puck in my mouth. I called and went back in, they made extremely small adjustments which did nothing to help (and I told them that) they said they didn't want to do to much adjusting as I was still a little swollen. So I let it go. Over the weekend it started protruding even further and become more painful. So now, a total of 3 adjustments and a soft reline later. The lower is not any better and now the upper doesn't fit.
I guess what I'm getting at, has any one ever have any issues like this? Have you ever heard any issues like this? What did you do or what have you heard that's been done?
I am totally discouraged and depressed. I am to the point that I feel worse about my mouth than I ever did before and my teeth were BAD.
Any and all information anyone can share would be extremely appreciated. :)
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  • Discouraged and depressed!

Posted 3 years ago

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So you are about 2 1/2 weeks in. Generally the first two weeks are the worst. What is happening with your uppers sounds very similar to what happened with mine. At about 3 weeks, my uppers started slipping out so I started using a very small amount of adhesive on them.

What is happening to your lowers does not sound like normal healing to me. My dentist and the dental assistants told me where I go that a sore won't heal unless you make adjustments to allow them to heal. I did have some issues with my lowers in the first couple weeks, but the adjustments helped that.

Are you rinsing your mouth with very warm saltwater when you have your dentures out? It worked wonders for me. I would rinse when I first took them out in the evening, and then in the middle of the night and again when I got up in the morning. I use very warm saltwater now to loosen the adhesive I use when I am taking them out at night, and then again after I have breakfast (I have gotten into the habit of eating breakfast before I put my dentures in).

I hope that you find some relief from your issues. It is a major process and everyone's recovery is unique. Hang in there!
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Hello Jordan I had problems with my partial bottoms. At first it felt fine, no healing involved since teeth were removed years before, after about 2 days I could not put them in without severe pain went to dentist they filed down an area that was digging into my bottom gum line still pain,more filing until it could not be filed any more. At this time I am waiting to hear if I will get a new partial at no more cost to me?
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Jordan, we are so sorry to hear what has happened. No wonder you are feeling discouraged. During the first few weeks, it is common for the dentures to slip. Keeping your dentures in place requires the ability to hold them still with the muscles of your lips, cheeks, and tongue. At first, these muscles might tend to "kick out" your dentures, which is what it sounds like is happening. Are you using any denture adhesive? A small amount may be needed right now to keep the denture in place and stop it from sliding forward.

It doesn't sound like they are fitting any better. Dentures rest on gum tissue and your jawbone, which deteriorate and shrink over time. Did the dentist say that the heeling is where it should be based on what you had done?