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How often should you clean your denture (full or partial) per day? I have a full denture on top but will have partials on the bottom shortly.  New to dentures so I know I'll have a lot of questions down the road, this being the first one.  Thank you.
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The 'doctrine' would be to say 'after every meal' just like people with real teeth 'brush them after every meal' oh wait that doesnt actually happen does it? lol Depends on if your using adhesive aswell to be fair, your not going to mess about trying to unstick them to clean them properly, aim to clean them thoroughly once per day, if its practical and fits in clean them some more ie your not out in public at the time, your gums and dentures wont fall it if there not cleaned after every meal so i wouldnt overthink it.
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To further exemplify this as im amazed if im a unique case, heres an example one of many i could write but of the top of my head lets go with whatever springs to mind next....ok example one-

Im round at my best friends were having a few vodkas and decide to order a kingsize kebab/calzone. i can feel my lower dentures are loose (an oversight on my behalf being i never said i wore dentures or brought any tubes of 'adhesive' assuming 'they would last untill i returned home'

so do i A: think ahhh damn theres a little bit of meat stuck on those lowers and OH NO it gets worse i didnt bring a kiddies toothbrush? or think B: im no longer hungry lets go with that (feeling all due grief and guilt ofc for not brushing after every meal)

we can further tie this into the fact that prior to dentures people learn to avoid talking with a full smile, thinking (nahh dont want anyone to see these) again maybe im unique? we can further corelate to this that the 'proven fact is the majority of denture wearers wear dentures  due to not brushing I DARE SAY after EVERY MEAL? yes not them all JUST MOST (again google is your friend not me) then the fact that when i had my temps they were glued like mortared briks for 3 days after adhesives (again i wont be the only one, to have chosen not to rip them out and leave them as is?)

so in summary and conclusion 'aim for a thorough cleaning once per day' anything else as a bonus, dont stress dont feel bad as unlike 10% of the population you chose 'not to brush after every meal' and get use to them instead

now for the real minblower......... these 3 meals a day? yeah thats wrong your body is naturally and BEST accustomed to 'bitesize' snacks throughout most of the day, ) again trust google not me , im just a renegade scotsman, daring to challenge a predominantly 3 or 400 year old belief system at its MAX, (as this is a mostly american site)

in the end it will will be fine, its like all things you get use to it.
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I myself brush mine it first thing in the morning before putting them in with adhesive and then once at night when I take them out and I usually soak them in denture some kind of denture cleaner during the night
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I found the Fixodent Plus Scope 0.35 oz at my local Dollar Tree and it is the perfect size to place in my travel kits along with a collapsible toothbrush. (I have one for my car, one for my desk at work, one that I have that I keep with my go-bag and a 4th one that I keep with my Church Bag) 
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I clean them first thing in the morning.....THEN...... BUY A PACKAGE OF LITTLE KIDS TOOTHBRUSHES, AT dollar tree or elsewhere. Watch for the ones that have a little snap on bristle cover. Keep one in your pocket when you go out to eat. Food clings in between the teeth on the “part that shows”. And that’s really disgusting looking. With one of those little soft brushes, you can run to the restroom and do a quick “brush” of that outer surface.....keeping your dentures in......brush like you used to do with your real teeth.
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i just got my full top bottom they do not fit well at all the dentist that did the extraction for some unknown reason cut my lower gum and then ground down my lower bone i now have a valley on my lower gum the  new denture lower because of uneven lower gum with what i call a valley don't fit well i have to use a lot of secure adhesive on the lower gum they still come out when eating so i have to clean and remove the glue from my gums evening with hot water stiff brush and power i soak the dentures overnight in efferdent tablets to get what glue stays on new denture they said they will work with them i'm. so tired of going back it might be lawyer time PS THE DENTIST NO LONGER WORKS THERE I AM LOST RIGHT NOW AS TO WHAT TO DO anybody have any problems like that 75 yr old disabled vet 
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Don Naehring
Hi Don
You only have 2 years to sue  in small claims court
You do not sue the dentist you sue the facility and the dentist or the  facility alone

You have a good case   Let us know how you are doing??
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Clean everyday after every meal . sock out every night. I have two partials that is what I do
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as needed. I soak them overnight and then brush them in the morning. I will also brush them while still in my mouth after a meal.
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I don't eat as many meals per day as some due to some gastrointestinal problems (two meals per day max).  That being stated, I usually brush them with a denture brush in my mouth (like Zelda) after a meal to get any food off of them, and soak them at night.  Prior to my nightly soaking, I scrub them down with my denture brush to get off any adhesive, and then soak them in Efferdent overnight.  I get a good price on the Efferdent tablets at Sam's Club.  I've tried Polident as well, and from what I've seen all the cleaning tablets are about the same (they all work quite well).
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I have a weird question. When I soak my dentures at night (full upper and full lower) I have been using 2 denture cleaning tablets instead of one because I didn't feel like one was sufficient. Will this affect my dentures or is this wrong or right?