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So it's been over 3 weeks since my extractions and as my gums have shrunk so has the effectiveness of my adhesive. I tried cushion grip the first week and because I was being impatient I thought it was a lot of hype. Today being labor day and having the day off I spent a little time with this product applied it evenly for both uppers and lowers and gave it 30 minutes once my dentures were back in I'm finding this time I'm pleasantly surprised. The dentures are holding without adhesive kind of the way they felt when they first went in. What I like about it is the pliable plastic is hugging not sticking to my gums. I'm due for permanent overdentures with 8 implants (already done) in 2 to 3 months but in the interim this product is doing the trick without the mess. Very pleased!!
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Posted 5 months ago

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Good to hear!  I have not found anything else as good.  Some come close, but don't  work as well for me.
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I used it for years and still wonder why they went out of business. Retail on the old company was under Three Dollars so I had my drug store order at least six tubes and it's still too high for my measly check. Glad you like it. I got some from Japan but it was inferior to Cushion Grip.
Richard Locke
Coldwater, Ms.

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I tried the red stuff from Japan, too.  It doesn't work as well as Cushion Grip.  The only one I have found remotely comparable is DinaBase7, which I got in Germany.  I believe it is from Italy.  Cushion Grip is still the best for me by far.
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I have used cushion grip for 30 plus years and there is nothing like it. The imposters come semi closed butt nothing like the way this stuff works without loss of taste or gooey mess or any of the other headaches you get with the other stuff so on the market. And as some of you said you don't know why it went off the market well if you'd been reading some of the other post than you would know that the original manufacturer sold off a portion of its company in order to come up with funds due to a current lawsuit that is still ongoing and told the other company that in fact the price point was too low and that they weren't going to make any money off of it so it wasn't worth producing. After years and countless phone calls text messages emails petitions and everything else us Pharma limited heard us and bought the rights to produce it again. They have just started in January so they have not yet got it in stores but by next January I'm sure it will be in quite a few. Now I can tell you that they have recently dropped the price for a fall special and they have a Rewards program that if you sign up you will get certain percentages off as you buy. It's well worth the investment because I can get 1 use of some of it and it can last me for months. So when you stop and think about reapplying that other stuff too and three times a day and how much does tubes cost and how many you go through in the course of one month, I'd rather buy cushion grip because as long as I keep my dentures clean it will continue to hold for quite a long time so I get more out of my two then most people get it out of the other stuff. Depends on how you're looking at it because I see it as money well spent.
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I am 23 days post-surgery, with full immediate dentures.
I see my denturist faithfully every week, albeit they are only in this rural coastal village town but ONE day a week.
Denturist recommended SeaBond; which has been helpful in a pinch.

I've just received my first order of Cushion Grip from
Fortunately the denturist did such a good adjustment 3 days ago, plus adding a generous soft-healing-liner ---
that I have not yet any need of SeaBond nor the Cushion Grip.
However, it is reassuring to have it on hand.

I already have an aversion to the Polident/Fixodent gooey adhesive pastes; hoping to never have need of them!