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I have had dentures for 8 months. They are still awkward and a chore and they make me embarrassed and shy. I'm a single father of 13 year old twin daughters. Now my kids have been hinting and slightly pressuring me to start dating again. We have been on our own for just over 5 years now. Well I finally met someone a month ago and we started going out and everything was going great and then she started hinting that she wanted to take the relationship to the next level. So I disclosed to her that I wore full dentures which would make kissing and other activities awkward and difficult. Bam. She dropped off the face of the earth. Won't say a word to me. That was just over a week ago. So am I supposed to wear a sign? Is a love life just not an option? I'm somewhat of an introvert anyway and my kids, bless their hearts, have been trying to pull me out of my shell, but this just knocked me right back down. Anyone else have this issue? Any advice?
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I am sorry you had to suffer such an unfair situation. You were honest about yourself and she reacted in a terribly shallow manner. Maintain your self respect and continue to be honest with prospective partners. When someone is accepting and not repelled by such a simple, normal, aspect of real life, than they are the right person. There is nothing wrong with you! Keep smiling!
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Great post Mindi.  I totally agree.  I'm so sorry this happened to you Joel.  I'm too old to remember what it is like to date but I sure hope I wouldn't have reacted that way.  Just keep your chin up and keep moving forward.  And 13 year old twin daughters, your next few years should be fun.  LOL.
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You were pretty lucky to find out what kind of person she was before it got too serious.
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Absolutely. You wouldn’t want someone like that to be an influence in your DAUGHTERS’ lives. Doesn’t sound like a kind, caring person. Well, that’s my opinion. :)
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