dentist is taken out 18 teeth and doing oral surgery at same time no painkiller for recovery

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Im having 18 teeth taken out at once .I can not handle pain at all .the dentist told that i will also need oral surgery on 2 of my broken to the gum teeth .He also told me he will not give nothing but ibuprofen an anti-inflammatory .I went to this same doctor 5 years ago for 1 extraction and when i was ask me which I preferred Vicodin or Norco now he wants to take 18 out of my mouth and only give me ibuprofen is that normal I mean I know that's not normal but I'm on medical what can I do I can't go to another dentist because he won't release the x-rays and I can only get one set of X-rays once a year my teeth basically falling out of my face and Im in a lot of pain got 18 left and they're all broken and cavity I don't know what to do I'm so scared I've been having severe panic attacks and anxiety I'm so scared I I'm literally in tears right now talking about this they told me that if I could come up with $800 out of my own pocket they can put me to sleep I don't have that kind of money I don't want the pain what can I do I'm having this procedure done Thursday on the 7th of December and mind you this is Western Dental I am so scared I don't know what to do I'm not a drug addict nor have I ever been one I just don't want to be pain thank you Laney somebody please answer I don't get it he's going to rip out 18 teeth in my mouth and all he's going to give me a Motrin 800 that is nothing nothing he wouldn't even listen to me when I try to explain how much I can't handle pain from my regular doctor and tell him he was like that's my policy after you've already made them the mold of my mouth and you taking the x-rays and there's nothing I can do about it
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  • sared panic attacks severe anxiety depression

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Take valium the strongest one you can get .i took one an hr before having 12 teeth out .i fell asleep and woke up with no teeth .
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Lorraine, I had 19 teeth pulled and it wasn't bad..they numbed my mouth like they do when they are going to fill a tooth but the whole thing and then the Dr. just pulled them out.  I was not in a lot of pain afterwards.  I just took ibuprofen as directed and it was fine.  I do not handle pain well either and I was ok.
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I had 28 teeth pulled and didn’t need the prescribed pain killer. I took 2 ibuprofen every 4 hours for a week and I didn’t experience any pain. Seems like most people on this board were pleasantly surprised by the lack of pain after extractions. One would expect it to hurt a lot.
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Hi Lorraine! I had 16 pulled and was just numbed up normally. My dentist gave me a script for hydrocodone and 800 mg ibuprofen. I took 4 of my own ibuprofen (800) and never filled the script. The pain isn’t as bad ad you think, but I would definitely look into going elsewhere if they won’t even give you the option of a higher level pain killer. I was glad to have the option if needed, but in the end motrin worked fine. I would assume the dentist is concerned about prescribing a narcotic because of the opioid crisis right now. Good luck!
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I had all of my teeth removed at once - yes I took a Valium before , No issues - they numbed everything. Only thing given afterwards was 800 mg Motrin . If they numb you up , you should not have any pain during and slight discomfort after but nothing that requires Norco or anything stronger.