Dentist told me I need to have my teeth extracted and start wearing dentures :-(

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Dentist told me today I need to have teeth extracted and get dentures. Most of my teeth on the top are not in good shape, bottoms are not that bad but he said I will loose them at some point in time. I'm 54 and needless to say not happy. He recommends extracting the back teeth - getting impressions made - letting the gums heal, then extracting the remaining teeth - 9 the first time and the rest about a month later and dentures put in that day. I've been reading posts, but still not sure. One of those things I guess you never thought you'd have happen to you.
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Posted 4 years ago

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The reaction you have is fear. It's natural but it should not hold you back. The physical portion is truly easy. Teeth come out and a replacement for them - dentures - are utilized. The hard part is the mental side. You must be willing to embrace the change you'll have in using dentures and not expect "instant" gratification. The first months will be hard but after a period that is defined by you, you'll ask why did I think this would hard. I saved a picture of my mouth, showing my ugly teeth and now look at the great smile I have; I eat better without pain. This will be you after the adjustment period. It was for me and can be for you.
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Get a second and perhaps third opinion. There may be a way to save your teeth. See a holistic dentist. Once it's done there is no going back. You deserve other opinions. Spend the money on another dentist to see what they have to say. Yu are worth spending the money on.
 Do not rush into what your dentist suggests.
Don't believe your dentist. Find out way more. Ask a million questions, and then some more. Research on line. There is a lot dentists don't know.
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Sandy said exactly what what i was going to say ! I'd absolutely take that advice.
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THANKS!  He told me to get a second opinion if I want - problem is - I know he's right.  Most of my top teeth are loose and several of my bottom "move" when touched.  I have severe bone loss from periodontal disease.  I'm going to think about it for a few days - write some questions down.  I will look into a holistic dentist.  I know we don't have one in my town - but should be one in a larger city not too far away.
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Hi Kim, after you find out your options and if you do get them all extracted, the best way is what you explained. Giving some time for your posteriors to heal and extract the anteriors 1 mth later. Good luck! :)