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hello my name is jewels and I had all my teeth pulled out in july 17, I have experienced nothing put problems, I continuely suffer from the dentures creating painful cuts more like gashes in my gums,my dentures have never fit properly since the beginning ,i go about every 6wks for alignments and they might fell like they fit better at the moment but within 3 days the are loose again, i can barely eat i have lost a lot of wait the pain is awfull, any advice or knowledge why this has been such a painful outcome, it is hard accepting you know longer have teeth, and this on top of it is a lot to take11
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Julie, you should be able to have as many adjustments as you need no matter how often. I went like every week for a long time. Dentures are expensive they work for you! Good luck.
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well were I go they do 6 week intervals,( I don't know if I spelt that right lol ) anyway I am on MA special needs for insurance I have had numerous surgeries, so I am limited to where I can go, it has been 8 months now and it has been one of the horrific experiences I have ever been through!!! the structure of my face is nothing like the way I look, they are too big the size of the tooth on the dentures are way bigger than my real teeth were, in now have an over bite due to the denture on top, I have had nothing but pain, I have talked to people I now that have dentures and has had them for a very long time, and none of them ever had any of these problems, a friend of mine had to have her teeth removed before I did,she had hers out a few months before me, we both went to the same place, anyway she also had nothing but horrible problems, and I have recently have heard from a friend who knows of other people that had really bad experiences as well from the same clinic, so what do I do when you are on ma ur resources are slim to none especially when it comes to dentists who accept MA, it sucks
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Medicaid is good for medical but  problem with dental 
If you are on Medicaid you are better off going to a Hospital dental clinic or a Dental  College dental clinic  

You can try calling medicaid and tellng  them you are getting terrible inferior and  poor  dental care at this place
Tell them  You are in pain and you want them to stop payment to that place and let you go  some place else
If the medicaid worker can not help you call the Medicaid director and get him to help you 
Good Luck
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Hi Julie,
I am right with you!  I have had dentures for about 2 years and I hate them!!  I can't eat right and I can hardly stand them in until bedtime!!  My speech is also somewhat affected!  I am so depressed over all the money I spent on them and now I am trying to save for implants but I don't think that is going to happen!
Good Luck to you,
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I feel the same way. It has been a nightmare. Loss of weight, not being able to even bit into a sanwhich, they rocked, it’s horrible.
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The more adjustments you get, the looser they will be. When dental assistants adjust they take away acrylic every single time. I suggest you talk to your doctor about getting a softliner. A permanent softliner will help cushion your gums and also will form to them.