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Hi, I will be getting the rest of my front teeth pulled followed by full upper and lower dentures being put in in 3 days, 4/7/2015.  I am very worried and could use some advice.  When they tested the incomplete dentures in my mouth at my last visit, I could only talk with a strong hiss, unmistakable that there is something wrong inside my mouth and most likely, that I have dentures.  This bothers me particularly because I am only 30 and almost nobody my age has dentures.  This is a result of medication, but I'm afraid people will think I'm a drug addict, and otherwise undesirable in many ways.

I am currently in my junior year at University, talking is very important to me, and I am extremely sensitive and self conscious to top it off. I feel that I should be looking forward to getting the dentures for as things stand now, I look like I have meth-mouth or something.  But at least now I can talk somewhat normally without my teeth falling out and can hide them most of the time.

Is denture cream a good idea to keep them in and to help talking?  I had read about the cream causing a 'goo' in the mouth, gumming everything up, dripping down the back of your throat, and making an overall nasty experience.  Is there any way around this?

Something I just read about today is that the upper dentures stick into the back of your throat and cause you to gag, does this always happen?  Can you shave off some of the material on the back of the denture, or will this just make things worse?

I am anxious and in need of advice, please help.  Thank you.
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I got mine about 4 weeks ago now. I was told with all the work they were doing that it would have a significant affect on my speech. And it seemed to at first, but already I'm sounding very much like I did before. When you get them, practice you vowels, do some tongue twisters (she sells... etc etc).

Just my opinion, but I wouldn't use an adhesive straight away. Give your gums some time to heal. The first week my uppers fitted well. By the second week with my gums healing I needed a bit of a soft reline, and straight after I ate a burger in the car on the way home. But 4 weeks down now and my gums have changed so much I can't keep the tops in no matter what. Just standing still they fall down, let alone if I talk. I have to use adhesive for now, but it's working ok for me. I don't go overboard with it. Two dots towards the back of the channel, two dots of centre in the front, and one on the top for the roof. I've had no leakage while the denture is in, and the only time it made me gag was after the first time I took them out. After that is been fine, though I hate the effort to clean my gums up. It's a 6 hour round trip for me to my Prosthodontist so while I know he'd sorry out their fit, it's a pain to get there. And I get a full reline in a couple of months anyway.

With regards to the denture making you gag.... My Prosthodontist tested my gag reflex several times in my first appointment without telling me. He said at the end he been checking it and that I'd have no issues with it. And I certainly have had zero problems with the upper making me gag. I certainly wouldn't make any adjustments to it yourself. But you may also be worrying prematurely.

Good luck with it all.
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I'm in week 3 with all upper taken out and plate put in right away....I have some gagging but not as much I leaned that the way u put them in has a lot to do with it and they should be warm I also practice my vowels every day in order for my mouth to look normal and it's working I can't use paste yet as they are still healing I am back to work talking laughing it's getting so much much better just be patient and be determined to make it work. Good luck
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I got my dentures today.  Not as bad as I expected, they stay in better than I feared.  Did a little talking and nothing came out, it feels as if they won't come out ever when talking.  They look great!  Certain sounds I can make are ok, others not so good, for example, marlboro is hard to say, but I'm already improving it a bit with practice.  The worst complaint I have is that they didn't have any painkillers to give me, they told me I would make it home fine, but as soon as I got in the car it started hurting, and got pretty bad during my 1 hour drive.  I just took naproxen, so it is still hurting but in a half hour I'll be alright.

They put them in as soon as all front top and bottom teeth were pulled, that wasn't too bad, I've gotten used to it by now.  I have to wear them over night, then go back tomorrow morning to get them adjusted.  They don't make me gag at all.

Thanks all for the comments!
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I just got mine yesterday - upper and lower - after having the last 9 front teeth removed the same day. I'm 55 and my teeth had been deteriorating for 30 years - most of it in the past 10 due to periodontal disease and my COPD medications. I did a lot of reading up before I took the plunge, but sped things up because I had lost yet one more front tooth and I have a very high-profile job and looking for another.

I'm already having challenges on day 2 with the lower popping up every time I cough, drink, etc. Went back today for the next-day check up and was told to get some Fixodent and only use it where there were no stitches I go back in two weeks for a reline, but I fear I will starve to death before that, lol.
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I have had my full upper and lower for about 3-4 weeks and I'm still starving to death, haha. It is a challenge to eat with them, but talking has become a lot easier for me.
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Becare how much glue u use don't over do it.I found if I get any in side my mouth I drink pop it clears it out right away.I use waffers on the top they don't work on the bottom.but now have started useing glue over top of the waffer..I use sea bond. Nothing holds my bottom.