Does anyone else think their dentures are to big?

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I had 23 teeth extracted Thursday and now my denture makes me look like I belong on a Simpsons show anyone else have this problem?
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Mine were big and all red right after my extractions.  Still feels bulky and I have been on the boards now ever since I made the decision to do this (I found out I have a Grandbaby on the way and couldn't have shame smiling when I have waited my whole adult life to be even just a smidge like the Grandma I had to my Grandchild).

I have read time and time again about  a lot of people thinking theirs were made wrong, they are too big, teeth too big, etc.  It's very common, especially right out of the starting gate. It's a very common concern.  There are some that are made poorly and people do get them, but I think really everyone wants to think that initially when it's really just their mouth, face, muscles adjusting to everything that just happened to them. 

I also watched a lot of youtube videos.  A lady named Beach Chick posted my favorite set of them and there is also a younger gal named Kalinjax who a lot of people enjoy. 

It may be useful to look things up on youtube, if you don't object to going there, there is an abundance of videos for people exactly where we are.  Some even post from the dental chair after their extractions and put a video up every single say as they heal. Very helpful as far as getting a picture of what you may also experience yourself.

They are going to feel big and like they don't belong in there, because they really don't at first and you have to retrain your muscle memory.  Aesthetically I would imagine anything can be fixed, but you are the only one who can retrain your muscles and that's only done by wearing them.

Others will post and I would think a fair amount of them thought their were big too, but eventually end up very pleased.  Hang in there.  Things will work out.
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I honestly thought I wrote this comment! Even to the part of the grandchild! It's so cool how much we sound alike!
Today I get my permanent teeth and I'm so excited! 2 months ago my grandson was born.... Now I can finally post pictures of us both together! He looks adorable without teeth, I do not!
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What a cutie!!!!  I wish they allowed for a bigger picture, going full blown geriatric here with the dentures and now the poor eyes, but even though the picture is small I can see he is just so squeezable!!! 

My permas are a ways off, but when I heard we had a little one on the way I just couldn't even imagine not having my teeth fixed.  When they told me I was so excited & then I instantly thought "I have to get these teeth fixed!"  Right as I was just told the news I had been waiting almost my whole life for I had to shift from that to the mess I had going on in my mouth.  That was the breaking point for me.  And I know a lot of folks aren't happy with going through this, but I am.  Even with these temps, just having teeth back in my head, being able to smile, not constantly worried about keeping those teeth I had removed "under cover" while trying to live life ~ I am so glad all of that is behind me. 

I will be anxious to hear how you feel about your permas, I was reading up on how they can be an adjustment as well. I guess the perma teeth are like shark teeth; super sharp and then getting them fitting correctly and all that jazz, so I'll be super anxious to hear how you feel about them and what you went through.  I hope they look and feel perfect right out of the gate. 

Good Luck today & when you get a chance let us know how it went!  And congrats on the Grandbaby, he's beautiful.