Does it ever get to being like wearing earrings?

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Totally obscure question, right? Let me explain. I'm comparing the ear piercing process to dentures here. I know it's nowhere near the same in scope, but hear me out.

When you first get your ears pierced it hurts. They throb for the day and then maybe you can't sleep too well that first night or so. You baby them and heal them for a while, taking them out to clean them, etc. Yes, it hurts to put them back in at first, you're rubbing over open wounds.

So this is a minor comparison to what we go through with dentures. Pain, babying, healing, removing. But the thing is, once your ear piercings are healed, they don't hurt anymore. You can change earrings without trouble, and you only notice them if they're dangly or painful for some reason. I want my dentures to become that way. I'm sick of having to psych myself up for 20 minutes just to put them in. I want them to be in and out, like a simple pair of earrings. 

Does it ever get this way? Basically painless? 
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Posted 3 years ago

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Yes eventually they will be a simple as popping earrings in and out
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I'm in year 2 with an upper denture. I take them out to eat. Funny, they don't hurt but I hate them. I told my daughter it's like trying to drive a stick shift car with roller skates on. I hope on day to get used to the palate.
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Some days I don't think about them at all, other days I'm hyperaware of them. One of boys told me he understood how I felt but he likened it to him having to get used to hearing aids. Said most days he doesn't even think about them but some days it's all he can think about.