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Ok brand new to this. I just got my very first set. I had all my top teeth pulled yesterday, they gave me immediate dentures, for 6 months then I will get my permanent set. however I'm having such a hard time eating what are some good foods that y'all started off on after you got your first dentures
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My first suggestion would be to cut everything up small and slightly over cook your vegetables so you're not eating super crunchy Foods in the beginning. Give your gums time to heal and the reason they tell you to come back in 6 months for your permanent ones is because once your gums have healed they're going to shrink down quite a bit and if there's any bone fragments they would have worked their self to the Top by then hopefully. Just remember to start slow easy and stay away from bread and lettuce. Those are the two hardest thing because they stick to your denture and then your tongues running around all over your mouth trying to get them down. Leave that until after you are more used to your teeth and sit in front of a mirror and practice talking because your voice is going to sound different to you and those around you. You have to start learning how to form your cheeks and your lips to pronounce the words clearly so the mirror is the best place to practice. Just hang in there we've all been there I promise you it does get better.
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My biggest hint to start with is Secure Adhesives. I have both uppers and lowers. I did not find a plaste over the counter that worked and I tried them all and then some.. I lost 15 lbs after my dentures because I couldn’t eat anything other than pudding and yogurt. The pastes were gross and always came out over the sides of my dentures and gagging me.. Then Secure on Amazon was suggested on this page and it truly saved me. Once my gums healed I tried the paste first and I was amazed. I was able to keep my teeth in place for 8 hours, eating and drinking. It still came out over dentures and I don’t like it. Really hard things like nuts and biting things like bagels was out. I then tried the Secure Strips and I became a permanent customer.. I cut them in 1/4 and 3/4 strips. The 1/4 strip is perfect on the bottom. . The 3/4 strip is on the upper. For regular use my teeth stay in place up to 10 hours including eating normally and drinking hot and cold. I still don’t bite into things, but I can eat meat, raw veggies, salads, softer breads sandwiches and even some nuts and dried fruit. Seeds don’t get under and irritate my mouth. To make sure you get all the adhesive off each night the Secure tablets are made to do just that. To get any remaining residue, a soft tooth brush and listenine type mouthwash will brush it away. I put the toothbrush in the tooth bath with my dentures once a week to clear the brush. They truly changed my life.
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Oatmeal is good. In the freezer section in store they have smoothies ingredients in a bag. Use a blender just add milk. I add extra bananas and yogurt. Granola will soften up if you soak it with milk, could even put in microwave. Eggs, ice cream, I guess anything soft. Boost is good too. Soup and crackers. Get some good vitamins also.
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Okay .. yogurt , fruit cups like peaches , soup of course , crackers saltines , toast lightly toasted , Mac and cheese was my go too thing to eat , applesauce , peas if you like , eggs, grits and oatlmeal ! I ate that for 2 months .. the. One step at a time started with hamburger then moved on to everything .. with temps it will feel different .. get use to new norm.. when time comes for permanet it will be lighter and u will be ok wow.. and then you use to eating with new smile .. always will be different but no one else knows .. Then learning. To eat the way we were meant to... evenly back teeth .. Oh Ice cream as well lol