Extractions done today and temp dentures put in... The pain is killing me.

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Hello everyone! My name is Kat and I'm 35... I've had extreme problems with my teeth since I was very young. It wasn't a problem of not caring for my teeth, but more an issue of weak teeth. It was genetic. It runs on my mom's side of the family. 

Today I had my remaining teeth removed, I've had several extractions in the past. Two of them were riddled with decay, three were a bridge and the rest were somewhat easy. Then the dentist cut open my front lower gum to smooth the bone out and sutured me up. After all that they placed my temp denture. It fits horribly but I'm going back tomorrow to have the gums cleaned and the dentures adjusted. 

I am in a world of pain. Drinking is painful and difficult... I've been using ice since I arrived home. I have taken the prescribed pain medication in conjunction with a prescription NSAID. I can feel my heart beating in my gums. It is exhausting. Of course eating is completely out of the question. I managed to get a protein shake down earlier using my gym squirt bottle. Putting my head back like a baby bird and squirting some in to swallow... 

Should I ask the Dentist for something more powerful for the pain? I'm so exhausted and just want to sleep but that isn't a possibility at the moment because of the aching in my mouth. 

I'm glad I found this site, I have been reading some of what everyone else is writing. I guess I just wanted to talk about this with a group that would understand and be compassionate. 

Thanks for listening.
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Kat: I posted this a year ago. I'm copying it to you. Joseph

The pain is manageable, and your decision to resolve your dental issues is one of the best you've ever made. No one who is honest will tell you it will be easy, but the rewards are significant. My experience was that the first 2 days were not too bad, days 3 to 5 were more difficult but not terrible, and I used my last OTC pain relief on day 7. At day 10 the healing was more or less complete, and I began gently brushing my gums with a soft toothbrush.

During the first 14 days I went to the dentist twice to deal with leukoplakia. Those are the white spots on the gums where the denture is rubbing. Your dentist can manage this quickly and easily for you. Lukewarm salt water rinses beginning the first day are essential to accelerate the healing, and I did 4 to 6 each day. Some find that "magic mouthwash" helps. There's nothing to it; it's just benadryl, Maalox and a mild OTC pain reliever mixed together. Ask your dentist about it.

You may, as almost all of us do, find shards of tooth or bone working their way to the surface of your gums during the first few weeks. Most of the time they resolve themselves. Regular brushing helps, and a trip to the dentist could be necessary. 
You will be eating soft foods for a while, but you will be amazed how quickly you'll return to a normal diet. After getting my dentures, I've slowed down my eating, I take smaller portions and I've returned to my ideal weight.

I believe you're going to find that your experience will be similar to mine and others: it wasn't nearly as bad as we thought it might be; it wasn't long before we returned to normal; we are convinced that this was the best decision we could have made for our long-term health; and our families have been behind us every step of the way. Good luck. You will be just fine. Joseph
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Kat: After the seeing the Dentist, if you find you are still in a lot of pain, I would take the temporary Dentures out and let your gums heal. I couldn’t get mine in for a month and I am doing fine. I couldn’t fit them in my mouth, so I didn’t have a choice. It takes quite a bit of time for gums to heal. I was eating soft foods with my gums within the first week, so hang in there. You might want to eat without your teeth, to get some nutrition. It is not worth all that pain, just to have temporary Dentures in. I wish you well.
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I went to the dentist this morning and they adjusted my dentures which has helped immensely! I can now drink easily. Last night I attempted some Halo Top and gave up because it was just too dang difficult to eat. I haven't tried again today but I have had a protein shake, I'm currently drinking shake number two, I've also had some bone broth, a vitamin water and some water. Not feeling dehydrated is definitely a positive.

Thank you for your reply Joseph! I am definitely glad that I took this step for my health. My teeth were a constant source of pain and embarrassment for me. I haven't been rinsing with the warm salt water but I have been rinsing with this mouth wash the dentist prescribed for me. He swears it is the best thing on the planet and will accelerate my healing. Should I do both in tandem? I'm already rinsing several times a day with the wash. 

Thank you for your reply also Cherie. I don't think I can walk around without my temps in. Unfortunately, I am quite embarrassed without them in. I don't even want my husband to see me like that. I wish I could sleep with them in. I am not concerned about nutrition as much since I can now drink the protein shakes and bone broth. I am also taking a multivitamin to also keep my nutrition in check.

So today is looking up. I'm still very swollen and I hope that will subside in the next couple days. But at the resolve of today I'm feeling a bit better. I did end up getting a slightly stronger pain medication and I was able to take a nap. So, I'm definitely looking forward to sleeping tonight. 

I hope everyone that reads this had a good day and is doing well!

Oh and Happy Valentine's Day!