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I went yesterday for my impressions, which I was petrified of because I thought I would gag, but I didn’t! Now I’m set to have my extractions Monday. I’m kind of nervous but also excited because this passed few weeks I’ve had some pain again. I’m ready to live without the fear of “is this the start of another infection?”.
What are some things I need to know? Should I stock up on a months worth of soft food? What about drinks? What’s off limits to drink? When Can I brush my remaining teeth? I’m going to be left with four front bottom teeth. Did you leave the dentist with everything you need to care for dentures? Do I have to buy that stuff?
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First off you will need to get everything to care for your dentures before hand. I hit a cup, brush, glue, cleaning paste made for dentures, and the tablets to soak them in before I got my dentures and that wad good because all I left the dentist with wasthe teeth and a flimsy cup that didn't have a rinsing tray in it. You will need soft food for a few weeks.. remember it is possible that you won't take to eating with them easily, like i have not taken well to eating and chewing and you might need soft food far longer than you planned on . Or you might start eating the next week. Never know until you are in that situation yourself. Oragel is a must while getting used to the new dentures. There will be sore spots that need to toughen up and get used to the pressure and oragel keeps you from ripping them out of your mouth but if it really rubs badly go back to the dentist for an adjustment. Go every day if needed... do NOT ACCEPT ill fitting dentures !!! They are required to make them fit correctly. Just be patient. It can take a very long time to get used to them in your mouth. I've had mine since April and I still can't chew meat comfortably without biting my cheek and they still feel like plastic in my mouth even though they fit very well now. Its extremely difficult some days and other days are great. I LOVE MY SMILE. So that's a plus. Keep your chin up and be prepared for major patience. Your gonna HAVE to have it. Good luck AND keep us informed.
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Wait till you are fully healed before using any kind of adhesive.
Till you get accustomed to the dentures, biting the inside of your cheek can be a problem. Just eat slowly and carefully.
Food or liquid that's too hot will no longer burn the roof of your mouth, but they will burn the insides of your cheeks.
You got some good advice here from Heather!

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I stocked up on everything I felt I needed before I had my extractions.  I also made sure I stocked up on salt for salt water rinses, plastic freezer bags and ice for ice packs (or actual ice packs), I made sure I had towels that I didn't mind getting a little messed up ( I wrapped my pillow in a towel for the first 3 nights in case there was any blood).  I bought soup, carnation instant breakfast, baby food fruit and vegetables, instant mashed potatoes, cream of wheat, soup and ice cream.  I also bought baby food spoons to eat with especially the first couple of days.  Be sure you have a ride to and from your appointment because you won't want to drive.  Be sure to eat something before your appointment because it will be tough to eat right after.  My dentist sent me home with a denture goodie bag with a denture bath, soak tablets, adhesive, a denture brush, cleaning paste and benzodent (life saver!) and two prescriptions for pain medication.  No smoking and no drinking out of a straw for a couple of days. Be sure to ask for a care instruction sheet. If for some reason they don't have one, there are places online you can get one.   Relax and look forward to a great new smile!  Best wishes! 
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I would recommend Ensure.  If you start feeling weak from not eating, it will boost you right back.
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The biggest hurdle for me was accepting the fact that I now have to live with a mouth with far fewer teeth, and that I now have new routines that must be followed to ensure a healthy mouth.  Sounds silly, but it took me a while to accept the new look of my mouth without teeth.  My situation may be different, but I also had to accept the fact that I am never going to be able to eat the way I ate with real teeth--I still don't have the bite power I used to have, 6 months after the extractions (still don't have the permanent dentures, though).  Congratulations on making the choice for a healthier mouth!