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Greetings, i just had front teeth on top two center and 3 next to the two front, 5 total, same day dental, dentures fit i wore them all day the first 24 hours, went in for revisit to make any imediate adjusments for dis comfort, i was told to not wear them to bed this time after first visit. it was alot like wearing a shoe to small, COULDNT WAIT TO GET THEM OFF! the next morning NO WAY COULD I PUT THEM IN MY MOUTH, THE PAIN WAS TOO MUCH TO BARE'' so i didnt wear them at all. i understand that the procedure was pretty major i just had five teeth in a row taken out.. i noticed especially where they poked the needle in , those areas are very sensitive. i tried to put teeth in again today 3rd day.. still impossible without excrutiating pain to do so.. THE FIRST DAY AND THE SECOND DAY I HAD THEM IN THEY LOOKED FANTASTIC. NOW I CANT GET THEM IN BECAUSE OT HURTS TOO BAD.. my question is; IS IT OK TO NOT WEAR THEM UNTIL THE SWELLING AND PAIN IS GONE? BECAUSE I LIKE THE WAY THEY LOOK., AND THE SUCTION IS PERFECT, BUT THE TISSUE IS JUST VERY TENDER, IM THINKING THAT THE MORE MY GUMS HEAL ,, AND THE PAIN IS GONE , I WILL THEN BE ABLE TO COMFORTABLEY PUT THEM IN MY MOUTH AND IT BE OK.. COMMON SENSE TELLS ME YES . BUT IM HUMAN I NEED ENCOURAGEMENT AND SECOND OPINIONS EVEN AFTER IVE BEEN TOLD BY MY DENTIST ''WHO IS GREAT'' ANY COMMENTS OF EDIFICATION AND SUPPORT WILL HELP ME , THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS,,
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Trust me it gets better! Make sure you are doing your salt water rinses. When your gums start to shrink they aren't going to fit as snug. If you can wear them its best because your bones and gums are "forming" to it even if its only a few hours a day. It just about killed me to put mine back in BUT i only took them out to clean a couple of times a day after eating for the first 2 days. They were out 10/15 tops just to clean everything thoroughly slept in them. I just went for my 2 weeks softliner literally 2 hours ago. Eat lots of cold soft stuff. Trust me, dont rush the hard stuff!! Get some orajel and put it wear it is hurting when you get the sore spots from rubbing. Limit talking because the friction will cause them. I have put the dentures in after its numbed up. The pain quickly went away for me. Hope this helps a bit. Others will chime in.
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Everything Leslie said but I'd add taking a NSAID like Tylenol to help with the swelling and ice packs. That helped me tremendously. It does get better.
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I agree with both, with the slight exception being that Tylenol is not an NSAID you would need Ibuprofen, Aleve, Morin, things like that.
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Dean, we wish there was something we could do to instantly make you feel better. Leslie is offering some wonderful, spot on advice. Do not underestimate the power of the frequent warm salt water rinses. Please know that it is normal for you to be unsure and probably nervous about what to expect. Change is never easy, especially when it involves something as personal as your mouth. Hang in there. It will get better. We promise!
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I had mine extracted in one day and left them in for 24 hours and took out for an hour cleaned then back in its best to keep them in it helps to keep the swelling down it sucks but I am going on day 14 and can actually eat most foods when I use adhesive
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It is going to b really hard in the beginning. I had 27 root tip and teeth pulled and boy was I in pain. I made a video of after my procedure on YouTube. I slept with them in and it was hard. Once I took them out to rinse my mouth it did hurt to put them in but I stuck it out. Eat plenty of applesauce and yogurt and pudding. U won't b able to eat anything for like 2 weeks. Then u can start with macaroni and smaller things like that. I'm almost 2 months in and I'm barely starting to try harder foods. It is a little difficult but I'm managing. Good luck to u. Go to denture adventure on YouTube. Look for Lynndsey ann chaveras channel. That's my daughters channel but I've posted many videos.
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If your dr prescribed pain meds and you are in a position to take them and just rest for a couple more days that would be great. if you don't have any prescription pain med you can take Tylenol 400mg and then in 4 hours take the anti-inflammatory Ibuprofen like 400 to 800 mg then in another 4 hours Tylenol again back and forth with always 4 hours in between the 2 for a few of days if you arent allergic to them. The least doses of them that can still keep you comfortable. If its a prescription tylenol 3 or another pain med saying APAP (acetaminophen/tylenol)..... just double check for tylenol content so you dont double up. This was all my drs advice. If the pain is under control continually you will be able to handle them in better. You can find all this info on the internet ,BUT if there is any doubt get with your dentist...thats what he gets paid the big bucks for, and they were your bucks lol! After 36 hours my dr said the ice doesn't do much good but if i felt like it helped with pain it was fine, it was just for lessening initial swelling and bruising. DONT bend down to pick up anything! 4 days out i thought I was good to go and i went to start doing laundry...big mistake! ...my sockets were throbbing so hard. Hang in there!!!
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Just wanted to check in and see how you have been feeling and your pain level. Hope things are going much better!