Finally put my dentures after a dentist visit.

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I want to tell you a little about me. Back in 2011, I was 22 years old when I had all of teeth removed. It was due to starches in pasta and every day foods, but not from junk food because I didn't eat that much of it. I didn't want to brush my teeth. To this day, I regret not picking up a tooth brush and brushing my teeth. I have to live with the choice I have made now. And I owe up to it every single day. I do use my experience to teach others to take care of their teeth, so they don't end up without teeth like me. I guess I can use my experience to do positive for others, even if it something like losing teeth. I got denture work right after my gums had healed up. Yet, I refused to put them in my mouth because I was getting use to eating without them.

So years go by until I finally said I wanted to be able to eat properly. My top denture fit perfectly, but my bottom one did not fit at all. Since my sister had an appointment ,(where I go as well), I asked her to make me one. I went Thursday to see the dentist, who found out why my bottom dentures were not fitting properly and worked immediately to solve my problem. I wore them all day Thursday and Friday before I got sick. I want to tell you that I have been able to align my teeth properly. I have a lisp, but that does not stop me from talking. I want to be able to smile again with a full set of teeth and not be embarrassed to eat in public. No one has to know if I have dentist if I don't want to tell anyone. If anyone is hesitation to try them, just give it a chance. I am will do the same.
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im 64  getting  7 teeth pulled out  soon here  there  roots  and some under the gum   othdodensit  but  im not afraid of the  surgery   mostly how there gonna feel after  and  the dentures  in  , are  they hard  to get use  to  big  and uncomfortable  choking and  gagging  denture  .  was yours  hope mine  isn't  have  to wear  it .  so I can smile again like when I was  young  . lov your story  glad  you were  able to wear  yours too and its working out  well  .  do u eat ok  with them  im trying  not to have bottoms  mine are craking  as  we  speak  hopeing they can save  some  have  partcial  don't know  yet  .  and  do they stay in on bottom I heard  no   theres gotta  be  a way  .  bye  ty for listening