FINDING A replacement for cushion grip

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1-Ebay   Has Thermoplastic beads (small and inexpensive)-says they're non-toxic, I think and that you can heat in water and mold and then re-heat and form. I'm going to try them.
2-I also got some small plastic beads from jewelry supply catalog-but not sure if they're thermoplastic and the co didn't really think they were necessarily made to use with Dentures, but..

3-on ebay-Insta-Denture Reline Kit--made by one who uses them and claims they're even better than cushion grip. It looks like something bendable and spreadable--when heated---like cushion grip. @ $4.00 per set, I thought I'd try them. 

4-I bought something malleable whose name I forgot Suji/? which supposedly is a substance that when you knead it together, you can make it in any shape--leave it out overnight, they say and it becomes rubber. I bought it and haven't had a chance--concerned that it might be toxic?

5-Saw something on line like Insta-Mold looked like it had similar properties.

Some on this site and other Denture boards have been writing to denture cream companies asking them to manufacture Cushion Grip or something similar. Sounded like the co's hadn't been aware of this need. Maybe someone would want to make more formal direct contact with the companies.
Someone else suggested going on Shark Tank--after drawing up a dynamite business plan and presentation, and of course, getting patent or creating a similar product because as we've seen THEY'VE GOT A PROVEN MARKET! This is not something I'm up to doing but maybe someone else would.

I had also suggested we try to manufacture it ourselves, getting funded through individual donations on of our members even offered to donate a tube of Cushion Grip to be analyzed in a lab for ingredients.

I think it is shameful the way many people have tried to greedily capitalize on the need for this product. The cheapest price I saw today on line for it was $57 for one tube.
So, I'll keep you informed on my experiments.

Warm wishes and tight dentures to all,
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They us it for baby teethers and bottle nipples.
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Cushion Grip Denture Adhesive controls loose dentures by reducing looseness and shifting and a single application lasts up to 4 days of daily cleaning, soaking and brushing. Won't wash off in water. Even after repeated cleaning, Cushion Grip Denture Adhesive remains soft and pliable.