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A person told me that Fixodent adhesives would affect your nerves is this correct?
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Posted 4 years ago

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No everybody reacts differently to products, but no they wouldn't be aloud to put it on the market if that was true. That person made have just had a reaction to the product. I know my moth burned really bad from trying to use the gels stuff but it wasn't nothing that the products fault it's our own body's . Powders work great I prefer one powder more then the other powder it hold s better and longer .
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james Walker

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Thank you Pam for that answer. I told him that,but no avail.
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Powders? Who puts the powder out? Going to try that.
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Both Fixodent and Poligrip make a powder. I have bought both and, personally prefer poligrip extra strength. I still use them both. There is one that only lasts about 4 hours and the other lasts 6-8 hours. For my needs, this is perfect.
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I don't use adhesives all the time but when I do I also prefer Poligrip extra strength. BUT, it's also the only powder I have tried.

As with any adhesive, at least for me, that also means slimy goop oozing out from under the denture. From what I've read, that is normal. The saliva will work to breakdown the adhesive and dispose of it in this manner. It's annoying as heck so I try to avoid using it at all.
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I haven't had any problems, nerve wise. Just the usual issues.
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I beg to differ! As one who suffers from chemical sensitivities I am both allergic to my denture AND the adhesives.

James, your friend is correct, to a degree. It would be more accurate to say that "some" people may experience central nervous system issues (among a host of other issues) as a result of continued and persistent exposure to the materials used in dentures and denture adhesives in general. I am reluctant to single out Fixodent on this one.

In my case, the common material between the denture and adhesives is polymer. For me one of the symptoms is restlessness to the nervous system. Imagine having Restless Leg Syndrome in your entire body. I must take an opiate (Tramadol/Tramacet) to calm it down.

Pam, you would be surprised at what is on the market that really shouldn't be. The problem is that by and large, MOST people are not affected by the chemicals used and those that are are an extremely small minority and therefore a negligible risk.

Here are a couple of articles that discuss the long term effects of prolonged exposure to Monomers:

Local and Systemic Effects of Unpolymerised Monomers (this is the stuff that makes the soft relines, dentures and cream adhesives taste bad):

Nervous system degeneration produced by acrylamide monomer: