Four Week Report

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Here I am four weeks in - 21 extractions on 6/7 and immediates.

Overall, life has pretty much returned to normal. I am eating almost everything - beef stroganoff the other night, a half a game hen. Granted it is not without its challenges but the mouth sores being gone have made it a lot easier. There is still occasional gum pain if I overdo it, but it is manageable.

More and more often I find myself forgetting they are there. I've played in public performances within a week of surgery and do so regularly now. I have no issues going out with them. 

I've developed a morning and evening regimen. In the morning I brush them out of soaking and use powder to hold them in as my gums continue to shrink. At night, I brush them and soak them either with a cleaner tablet or, twice a week with StainAway. Once a week I use an ultrasonic cleaner with plain water.

Soon I will be due for a reline - I'd say 2-3 more weeks. Adhesive powder lasts all day on the uppers but have to use it before meals on the lowers if it's not soup. The lowers float a lot.

I've been to the dentist twice for adjustments, and twice for surgical followups. Healing has gone without a hitch so far.


My biggest is leaving them alone when they are in my mouth. Part of the reason my lower flops around is because as soon as I glue it in I find myself absentmindedly trying to pry it loose with my tongue.

Talking is still not as fluid as it will surely become. I find myself stumbling over words occasionally and I am a teacher. I talk much more slowly, though and I think my students appreciate that.  

A Question:

It is very inconvenient to do anything with them at work, especially things like reapplying adhesive before lunch - I use a public bathroom and granted it's not busy, but still... how do those of you in a similar situation deal with this when there is no privacy and limited sanitation?
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Posted 2 months ago

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To  Landon S Johnsonn
well you certainly have a really positive attitude and that always is a good thing
Keep us posted
What are your future plans concerning your dentures?
What will the next step be?
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In 6 months I will look at implants for the bottom, at least. They were originally to be installed at extraction, but the empty sockets were too large and will have to heal over first :)

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To  Landon S Johnson
 I think you will love the implants and the over denture and i am very anxious to see how that works out 

If you look through posts on this blog there are a few people that got the over denture and they all seem so very satisfied and happy with them and so i am anxious to hear how much you Like them
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Im glad your doing ok. I can eat almost anything pizza , is good one and salads, I tried a small pieace of soft candy and it got stuck on my uppers but I got off with no problems, when you take your dentures out swiss some water and than take them out it helps, it will loose them up . also don't sleep with them , at least that's the dentist told me. I soak them at night. I have a hard time removing the glue as I call it off the top mouth , I hate this 
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This is what got me when I used to work, now I'm a retired Navy officer. I've heard of those clean it wipes they might help. I used to use baby wipes guess they can still do the job. Now some nice lady said she was using some type of adhesive in the last post. It was comfy liner cushion or something to the sorts, I would need to go look at the post again. I tried searching for it in stores and all I could find was a cushion type thing for myself made by seabond. Now, I have had dentures for centuries so my issue is renewing my dentures at the VA, but this takes so long and I need something now. For you I would definitely recommend using those baby wipes or clean wipes that are sold they can remove adhesive quickly. Good luck on your journey with dentures.
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wow-you took me back to when i was working and had to deal with this stuff-fixodent used to hold for me all day but i came to a point-i didn't want to glue my teeth in and IF a reline is done right-it should fit without it but most denture wearers feel more comfortable with it, it seems.  my biggest concern was eating and having something 'IN' my teeth and going into the bathroom-hoping i'd have some privacy to check-i carried a few toothpicks with me in case and i'd take out and rinse them 'real quick'...i don't think ANYONE has 'yet' figured out the best way to get the GLUE off the roof of our mouths without it hurting-if anyone ever does-i'd love to know about it-i am in need of new full upper and lower partial right now and i do my own relines at home with perma soft-it stays in with no glue.  you sound SO positive-i was too-in the beginning-now i know too much (  :