Full upper extraction and immediate dentures

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So today 10/25/17 I have my appointment for tomorrow for full upper extraction and immediate placed. Next year I will do the bottoms because my dentist recommended it to ease into the change and also because of insurance. I'm nervous. Not sure what to expect. He told me novacaine only and appt will take 1.5 hours. I just finished eating a 34 oz prime rib dinner seeing as how I won't be doing that for a very long time again if ever? I just don't know what to expect... any help would be awesome.
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Hi Brandon, I had the same exact procedure Oct. 18 th. I had 6 shots of novacaine. I still felt uneasy so she gave me 2 more. I knew that I made the right choice. Mine took 1.5 hours and that was with her having to stop to take an ex Ray on a problem tooth. She was checking to see how close the nerve was where she would continue to work. All was well. I couldn't eat any big meal before my visit because my stomach was too nervous.
My Dentist explained every step she performed. It put me at easy. The roughest part for me were the needles.
A couple of them gave me white knuckles haha it has been one week today since the procedure was done. I really wasn't hungry after. When I did eat all I could handle was applesauce, ice cream and pudding.
I can feel a sore spot where I think the denture is aggravating it so I will try to see her tomorrow to perhaps shave some off the denture. Make sure you start your pain meds as soon as you get home. Don't skip a dose. I did once and knew immediately that was a mistake. Taking them every straight through every 4 hours will keep the pain at bay. After that I switched to Aleve. You can take any non aspirin pain reliever. I set my alarm to take it every four hours around the clock.
I was also put on an antibiotic every 6 hours so it made it kind of hectic . Not much sleep .
Some things to expect..... The first night or two put a towel over your pillow as blood will be oozing out while you are sleeping. Don't do much of anything, just rest. Then you will do sea salt/ salt mouth rinses. I filled a Gatorade bottle with 1/2 tsp. to a cup of water. Myself, I used sea salt. Do those every time you are in the bathroom. Keep the denture in for at least the first 24 hr. or longer. Don't take them out to sleep. You will need to protect those raw gums and and stitches. i did take them out for a minute and just rinsed them. No brushing. Cleaning will come later. A couple of stitches came out last night. and that is normal.
You may hear from people who had problems. Don't panic. Everyone is different. I did fine and worried for nothing. Make no mistake I have not taken this whole thing lightly. It's traumatic to have all your teeth pulled out. I'm still bummed about. It but managing. Oh you may hear the cracking of your teeth
So if you have any further question please feel free to ask. Good luck. . I have sad a prayer for you.
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Awesome. Just awesome. You've already given me so much info that I needed. Keep me posted on how things are going. Really really really appreciate it.
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I'm glad you are getting dentures. Geez, 34 oz of meat. Won't be doing that for a long time, which is good, will give your cholesterol time to go down.
BTW, I pulled all my upper teeth at once and hardly any blood or pain. Just trouble eating with dentures. Takes time to adjust.
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I know I know that's a big chunk of steak but I really wanted to go big just in case I can't do it again for a while. I'm only 34 so I am fairly healthy (except for my teeth)
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I'm on day 5 of immediate upper denture I had six front teeth removed I didn't have teeth in the back so that was heal already I had lil pain in the front and swelling up to my eye the first three days. I was given norco nothing else which I hardly take because I have cirrhosis. That being said I can't wait to go back on Monday to get reline maybe they will fit better I still have a lil swelling in my upper lip though, dentist told me keep them in for a week since I have stitches, that's when I see him again, hang in there it will be fine, also I watch a lot of videos on u tube to see what their going through. Good luvk
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First its not as bad as it seems , i had a huge fear of dentists but the procedure was pretty good. I had my lowers out 6 months and uppers out 5 months ago and perms straight in .
lots of salt water rinses leave in for first 24 hrs then if you feel comfortable you can sleep with them out. After 24 hrs you can start cleaning your denture , i put mine in a soak while i had a shower .once gums have healed a little about day 4 get a small damp cloth and just wipe under tongue and along cheeks etc this helps keep everything clean.
They will get loose this is normal . Once gums have closed up if dentures become loose use a bit of adhesive.
Sore spots go back to dentist and they will shave that area .
You may find that you have bits of tooth starting to poke out of the gums , think around 1-2 weeks its normal , if you decide to sleep without your dentured the bits of tooth usually work their way out .
Soft foods first few days jellies icecreams scrambled egg ,mash . Then 2-3 week spaghetti maybe toast ,bread , fish .chicken. if you cut up some spaghetti small enough you can have spaghetti bolagnes i had it with mash potato 4 days out couldnt chew so just swallowed.
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I wish I had thought about eating my favorites before I had all my teeth extracted. A month later and I am still kicking myself about it. Lol.

Ive had no problems with the actual procedure (I had IV sedation) or the recovery. No pain really. I switched to regular Advil the next day and it was fine. No bleeding and no pieces of anything coming out my gums. I had bone grafted in my upper jaw and lower implants (5) done at the same time so it was a longer process than just extractions. The worst part is adjusting to wearing the denture and eating and talking. Since I'm going all the way through to implant supported dentures, I decided not to bother to learn to chew with the dentures so I'm eating mush, and will be until spring I guess. If you are only getting uppers now, you will probably get back to eating a lot sooner since it is the bottoms that make everything difficult.

Good luck with everything.