Getting used too dentures -The gag feeling...

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Keeping my dentures in is a problem but I will get used to it.

When I first had them in they where like trying to eat some of my kids cookies, floating around not being able to even keep them in place.

I am finding it much better now that the sore spots I have had are almost gone, only one left and it will be healed soon.

As the sore spots go away, the fit becomes better and better and they are getting much tighter, however once and a while I have an urge to gag.

I am learning to cope with this however by first closing my mouth and not letting air in. Then I apply pressure to the upper piece and get it in even tighter. The urge to gag goes away but I still feel that in a couple of minutes the urge will come back.

I feel that this will go away as soon as all the pain goes away, once the pain goes away I can really bite down hard and the placement of them is as tight as a  $%#$%$^$##@$%%@#.

When I bite down I also feel the right side is much tighter than the left, a little uneven, so when I go see the doc I will have him check that out and sand down the top of the right side.

This is a great group, and well needed indeed. Dentures are not the easiest things to have and they take a while to get used too.

I remember years ago my mom would take them and put them in in the morning and they wouldn't come out until bed. She was a tough lady, I know it bothered her at first but see just kept them in there and then she wore the same ones for a long time.

Lets hang in there ...

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Posted 4 years ago

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I have had the same soreness, it took a long time to go away. I guess you just don't think there will be any. Once it goes away, there alright...
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I'm not sure if you saw my question under your other post, but it seems like you have had your dentures for a while now and we wouldn't expect you to still be in that much pain. When is the last time you saw your dentist? 
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Just got my permanent dentures was wondering am I supposed to still be using fixident because I can't eat without it dentures move around