getting consult,X-rays and impressions april 8th,what should i expect?

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Also are there certain things i should ask? Do i get to see the impressions after? Anything i need to prepare for this appt?? Thanks! Nervous
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Posted 5 years ago

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This dentist appointment should be a breeze, Elizabeth! Your dentist will check your teeth and go over the denture options with you. Each dentist works differently, so don't be afraid to ask to see your impressions if he or she doesn't show it to you. It's usually just a mold of your mouth and it will be a bit hard to see the details, but the dental team will usually take another impression if it doesn't look right for any reason. After all, they're working on your mouth!

While there isn't much you need to do to prepare for a denture consultation, we do have a list of great questions to ask your dentist. You can check it out here: Hang in there - you'll do just fine!

How did everyone else's consultation appointments go?
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The impressions were pretty rough, to me anyway. I gagged when they did it and it messed up the impressions :/ it takes about 5 minutes for the stuff to set in your mouth. Then when we did it the second time, my dentist told me before we started that every few seconds he was going to tell me "Lift your right leg" "lift your left leg" "lift your left arm" to take my mind off it to prevent me from gagging. lol. And it worked, so do whatever you need to do to take your mind off of it. Good luck :) and just so you know, this does not happen to everyone, so it may not happen to you. Don't be nervous because it's not painful at all, just a little annoying :)
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When you get ''impressions'' made, try breathing thru your NOSE ... It's that feeling of not being able to breath that makes me nervous too, but once I breathed thru my nose, all was well.. Also, with the new ''digital x-rays'', they're sooo much nicer than those ''old'' films they had to put into your mouth... My dentist also has an x-ray machine that revolves around your head .....taking pictures of your bone structure and teeth... Kinda NICE too, no pain at all!! AFwifey also has a good suggestion too, lift your leg or arms...It's that stuff they put into the ''impression denture'' that is kinda thick, but you have to only keep it in until it sets somewhat .. about 3-5 minutes! Relax and breath normally and you'll be just fine, promise!! Once it's done, you won't need impressions again...These will be for the ''immediate'' dentures you'll get after the extractions... You'll have a BEAUTIFUL SMILE too!!