Going in Monday at Week 14 to begin the process for my permanent dentures

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The last time I went in to the dentist was at week 3 for my second soft realign.  They told me that if I kept getting the soft realigns, by the time I got my permanent dentures, I'd hate the immediate dentures because they'd be so thick, so I've avoided it.  

They've been staying in pretty well, though the bottoms seem to float no matter what I do.  I'm hoping my gums will have healed enough to begin the process.  I'm guessing they'll start to take the molds of my gums for the new dentures.  

I can't wait.  These immediate dentures are like eating with baby teeth.  I can hardly bite into anything.  There's no pain, but there's no biting strength there.  I've been eating more and more without my dentures in.  Tonight, at my pt job, I brought in some biscuits to eat and they're just as easy to eat without them in.

How much better with the permanent dentures be in biting into things?  My wife cooked a nice steak a week ago and I couldn't even chew it with small bits.  

Still, so glad I had this done!!  They told me what I started this process that I should have my permanent dentures some time the end of January, which will be sooooo nice!!!  I hope!!
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi, I had 11 upper teeth extracted on Oct. 18, 2017. My permanent denture was put in right after. I went in last week because of a sore spot on my upper right side gum. The denture going in and out would aggravate it.

She shaved some off. So it's been 3 weeks (21 days, 7.5 hr and 54 seconds)

I am trying hard to get use to them. I have a good suction on my own so no adhesive yet. Subject to change after losing 15 lb. I still can't eat hard foods. And I have to admit I mostly have them out when eating. I hope that changes sooner than later. I can't even begin to think about going out in public or to a restaurant without them in. I hate the sunken look on me.

I go back in 6 months for a reline after everything is healed and shrinkage has stopped. I have no complaints about having the permanent's put in right after. Rather glad I did.

They were roughly $4200. Had to pay $308. up front on day of extractions. After our Insurance pays our share will be under $800.( which includes that $308.) Due in 6 mo. I love Cigna and now my husbands insurance is changing to BCBS. Not sure how well they will compare.

PS it could be months before you can eat steak and even then it will be small bites. Everyone is different but steak is the roughest food to eat. I also gave up my gum chewing habit.
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Why would your dentist give you your perms right after ? The healing process is 6 months.
I had all of my teeth removed in Sept and temps were placed in right after ( with in minutes of the last tooth being pulled )
I do not get my perms until March 2018

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Hi Noreen, now you have me questioning myself. Could I have misunderstood her? I will be calling her Monday to ask for sure. She did say I had to go back in 6 mo. for recheck because of gums shrinking, etc.
I'll let you know