Grinding/clenching teeth with 23 fresh extractions and immediate dentures

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Hi everybody! I had all of my teeth extracted today and got immediate dentures. So far so good! However, I'm getting ready to go to bed and realized that I forgot to tell my dentist that I grind my teeth and/or clench my jaw at night. Does anyone have any recommendations for not rubbing my gums raw in the middle of the night and possibly causing harm to the fresh extractions? Thank you!
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Posted 2 years ago

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I did the same thing so I bought a mouth guard at a sports store and wear it at night. Hopefully this helps
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Buy a grinding appliance/mouth guard at a store. Won't be custom made but it's ok and more affordable. Sometimes it's hard to wear it without the dentures so you may be better off wearing the dentures at night and wearing the guard to protect your new teeth!
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Ugh! I grind during the day with my dentures in....I'm fully awake! Help!!!
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I was a grinder too but with no teeth in at night it's totally different no grinding cause no teeth, it takes more effort to grind gums as you have more space between your lips :)
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I dont know about anyone else, but I cant even get my gums to come together enough to grind!
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I've been a clencher/grinder for most of my life.  Once your gums/jaw heals, you should find there isn't enough room to do so.  For me, it isn't a problem anymore at night when they are out.  I still do it during the day as it is an anxious habit, essentially subconscious.  My dentures are heat-cured, and as strong as I could get, so it doesn't impact them any, but it does make my gums a bit sore on stressful days.  On those days, I'm just glad to get my dentures out for the day and give my mouth a rest!
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I clench on my upper immediate denture and it makes a clicking sound it’s a habit and my daughter says it’s driving her nuts
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I grind my dentures during the day....fully awake! Anyone else?
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Put a small sugar free sucker in your mouth when you catch yourself. You will not grind them then