Hating my dentures and dentist!

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I am 24 and had my top teeth fully removed on 1/19.
I was stitched up and then given my temporary denture set. It looks NOTHING like my natural teeth, not even close to the same shape or size. I get home and I continue to have problems with gagging, and I’m not able to eat anything.

My first adjustment is 01/22(tomorrow) and I am so angry, I am ready to hit my dentist.

I was informed that this procedure was necessary, was gonna make me feel better and give me a betterment quality of life.

I haven’t been able
To eat for 3 days, I am constantly gagging on the palate, my mouth hurts, I felt extremely pressured into the situation to begin with and now my depression is getting worse.

I would honestly take back my old teeth that were damaged, decayed and cracked over this piece of garbage plastic shit they gave me.

I am ready to sue my dentist for false promises and pressuring me into this decision right now.

Can I actually do that?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Most likely u have a temporary denture. And everyone has problems eating at first. It's a process to heal and learn how to eat again with dentures. Soft foods and liquids will b all u eat for a little while. And when ur fully healed and gums have stopped shrinking u should get ur perm denture which should look and feel alot better. I know ur frustrated and angry. Alot of ppl r in the beginning. But it takes time to adjust and get used to dentures. 3 days u haven't even finished swelling yet most likely. Way to early to know if denture is wrong. I'm sorry ur not happy but give it time and it does get easier and better. And every1 on this site is so kind and helpful. Any questions or even to vent we r all here for each other and for u
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Oh and as for gagging I think most ppl have that problem at first. But if it doesn't get better in couple weeks maybe ask ur dentist to shave the back some.
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Howdy! Im sorry for your troubles, but from what i gathered on here from everyone this is completely normal what you are going through. Im 23 and go in one week to get both bottom and top full teeth extraction and i'll also be getting the immediates. It feels so horrible to be as young as we are and have to go through this but I've seen plenty of stories from older folks on here that got dentures when they were a youngin and are completely fine now. Please keep us updated through your journey and ill do the same
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Most of your gagging is probably from how far back in your mouth that the palate goes. That can be adjusted. Your dentist works for you, get the size and shade of teeth you want. Be a little careful with the shade-some people get carried away and go for the sparkling white teeth which just screams :DENTURES.
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I'm 4 weeks in, and feel the same. I think I had at least 12 healthy teeth and was pressured into getting them all "fixed/pulled". I gag on water, with the dentures in. I'm just really hangry! I'm so sick of yogurt and ensure! I want some pizza! Or a taco.
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Hey. Im 2 weeks in now myself, upper denture and im 37 y.o. I had the most excruciating pain in the first week. When i went back the dentist made some adjustments in the denture itself and it felt alot better. I've thought the same thing as you that if i could go back and not have gone through with this process I would have done so but its tooo late now. I cry almost every day because im so unhappy. Everyone says it will get better but im still waiting. I know this post wasn't all butterflies and rainbows but atleast you know that you are not alone. I pray that you'll feel better.
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In 2005, I had most of teeth pulled, except for three teeth on lower, and 4 left on the top, which were used to support partial dentures. This was fine for while, until I had trouble with those original teeth.
Anyway one thing led to another and soon, I had to have them pulled. What a waste of money, on the expense of partials. Was there a failure in communication with those involved in informing me that the teeth that weren't pulled will not last, and the infection which was causing the tooth decay and tooth aches ( ahhh! the pain).Then the need for antibiotics and pain relievers. Pulling one tooth,, then another, then another, And then I was left only a few of my original teeth. Which I also had to eventually have pulled. And the infection, which caused all this trouble was still in my system. Antibiotics never fully got rid of the infection, even after I had all my teeth removed. And now its 2018, Do I still have the infection? I've never been comfortable wearing dentures, they just don't fit, is it only me experiencing the problems? Can dentures be made to actually fit without any discomfort?  Without being loose?