Having a bad day! Very depressed.

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It's been 3 weeks. Still can't eat or talk very good. I'm regretting this big time. I can't stop crying. I feel the palate of the top denture is made wrong. It comes down to pretty much the bottom of my teeth. I can barely feel the teeth with my tongue. I've told them this but they say that's how my mouth is. I don't think so. So with it that way I can't eat. I can't even get food off a spoon. Then the bottoms won't stay in place. I did have a soft lining in a few days ago. That helped for discomfort but still loose. I've tried fixodent powder but it don't really work. Or maybe I'm just not putting enough on. I can't take it no more. I want my teeth back. I have a wonderful man in my life but the last few days I didn't even want to see him. I feel like I'm a pain. We can't go out to eat. He has been getting soup broth and milk shakes for me. I'm tired of being a pain. I can't even kiss him. I am so depressed. Mother's day is a week away. Last year we all went out for brunch. Can't do that cuz I can't eat. I'm so so embarrassed cuz I can't talk. I've already lost around 13 lbs ( which is good) but not being able to eat has made me tired and weak. How can I get them to listen to me and fix my upper denture? I want my life back. I haven't been this down since my divorce when I thought my life was over. Well I'm feeling that way now. When will this get better? Can they make me another upper? I can't do this anymore. My eyes are all red and puffy from crying. I look like crap and feel like crap. I hate my smile. I think they look funny. I wish I would have never done this. I wish I would of got a second opinion. I just want my life back. I want to be able to eat, talk and smile. I want to enjoy life again.
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I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. I am at almost 1 month and I am finally able to talk and eat better. I wear my dentures all day until bed and then take them out to sleep. It's little success everyday like I can finally rub my lips together when I put on chap stick that keep me positive each day. So it does get better just give your mouth time to get used to them. I still feel like mine show too much teeth and things I'm just not used to seeing yet(still too weird) It just takes time to get used to it. When I went in for my soft reline I told them flat out I hated it and they redid it. I know the second time they used less liner stuff and it fit much better. Just give it time. Just remember you are healthier now and beautiful.
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Marcia, it sounds like you have entered the mourning stage. This will pass. When I started the mourning process I threw my teeth on the floor (carpeted thankfully), had a full blown tantrum, called my dad who has worn dentures since he was in his 20's, I was crying and trying to find out how he did it (which didn't help a lot), he just kept telling me that it would get better and he told me to look in the mirror and see how much better I look.He had recommended that I take a before picture so I did and I would look at that in comparison - that helped a lot!

Drink smoothies & Ensure. Keep reminding yourself that this too shall pass. Before too long you'll be feeling better about yourself and you will be able to eat without pain!

Talk to us as much as you want!
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Or it could be that they've made a really badly fitting denture -sure wouldn't be the first time!! Maybe give it a little longer then go back & tell them you're sick & weak & seriously depressed, your health is going down the plughole so fast your doctor will have to take over with antidepressants and food substitutes. Insist they get it right! Pester them til they do!

For complicated reasons I've seen 9 different dentists in the last 5 years and trust me , with the occasional glowing exception they really are not the sharpest knives in the box, & a lot of them are shockingly unprofessional.
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Marcia, my heart goes out to you. I know it doesn't seem like it now, but as others have mentioned, it WILL get better. Whether it involves more healing time or a new denture being made, there will come a point when this part of your experience is far behind you. Take care and do keep us updated. Thanks. :)
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ME too... I'm 11 months out. This is horrible. I am so sad. My denture is pretty but it will not stay in. It flops around. My dentist fired me.. I ended up going to Daily Dentures, had a new set made. Alignments, he is trying. But this is so depressing. I should have kept my few rotted teeth. :(
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Shamed as all. But no rotten teeth causing heart problems. Can cry or deal with it. Just hope it works out. Feeling depressed as
Anything. But it has o get better not worse. Day by day tooth by tooth
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Btw only two weeks out and eating pecan pie, Salmon, chicken, and broccoli very slowly.